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  1. Huh wow, nice to see you around Wyatt
  2. Hey there, sorry to break your bubble, but Pixelmon is now not allowed due to copyright claims from The Pokemon company, sorry about the inconvenience.
  3. Hey guys, ExultedOne here, and today I'm going to teach you how to build the best possible fulmination generator that you can. Well, I'm not really going to do it, someone else will, but that's not the point. Enjoy! How to Build The Best Possible Fulmination Generator
  4. No you arent
  5. i can speak good english an type but not thad Possible words so only thad

  6. Your never on anymore D:

    1. Exulted


      on what server? I actually do things in real life you know, right? I can't always be on the server but I am almost always on either discord or TeamSpeak, or skype, and sometimes all three, btw my skype is ExultedOne. If you want to talk, I will


    2. madwolfpack :3

      madwolfpack :3

      I know that you got a life, just saying your never on when I am :P


  7. Wo! Congrats on the promotion to manager, I'm gone for a week and the whole server that I work for changes! Congrats and I hope to see you often!

  8. Not at all mickey, not at all
  9. Minecraft IGN: ExultedOne Why you want to join the BOS: I'm just looking for a new group of people to play with mostly What experience do you have in Voltz, how long have you played Voltz? What about iDreams? Umm, I think that I have a lot of experience in Voltz, I have been playing for about 4 years now, and have been granted the (not so much, we really just get a cool title) honor of becoming a chat mod. What can you offer to the BOS: I can offer all kinds of technical skill in almost every mod except if it means rednet Anything about you, you think we should know: I own one of the current oldest factions on the server. Where we can contact you: (Ex: Skype or Kik): Skype at ExultedOne Do you solemnly pledge allegiance to the BOS and swear you will turn in any betrayers whether it is your sibling, your friend, or acquaintance: Yea sure, I like killing people if they betray me (Insert Maniacal laughter)
  10. I will definitely be paying you guys a visit on there, I have been looking forward to a new IDreams pack ever since you guys first prompted the idea way back when. The thing is with having this new server and pack is that I believe that new players will have a harder time finding it since it is not a technic official pack so it isn't on the first page anymore. Also, I am concerned about the whole rank transfer thing since I and many other players would not be very happy to pay a $5 dollar fee to transfer a rank that most of us have already spent more than $20 dollars on and even upwards of 200. I am also concerned about the longevity of the current Voltz server and if what we have created there will continue to exist. Thanks! ExultedOne, IDreams Captian P.S What is the IP for the server if it isn't already there, Thanks
  11. I mark this commend as soul property of madwolfpack

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    2. Exulted


      Im so confused


    3. madwolfpack :3

      madwolfpack :3

      You should be >:)

      Jk I was board so I decided to post it xD

    4. Exulted
  12. You Shall Be Missed By All

  13. Found war thunder and am now addicted