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  1. Personally, I would not target anything.
  2. No post don't wanna target anything.
  3. Gotta make sure I don't target anything.
  4. Speaking that I am not attempting to target anything, please read others post.
  5. Not targeting anything here.
  6. Please keep your irrelevant. targets of my target post.
  7. For those wondering, I am not targeting anything.
  8. LOL No target.
  9. Still not a target.
  10. I personally only played Infamy for a day or two but I did minechem with you guys at the time. I really did enjoy it, but just like in WA every pack does have to update and move on. With new mods, certain mods are not compatible. Some they might have decided it was just best to drop. It does feel like infamy is aimed towards a newer player base instead of the old one. But, every JAC server I have seen so far will add new mods and take a few out. While not all of the changes are the best (In the players' eyes), most if not all have a reason behind it.
  11. No Targets.
  12. If you were an enchantment I would put you on my sword.

  13. I could agree to make it harder to make custom pets, but I personally do not agree with a full ban on them. Ie adding a nether star instead of an apple.