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  1. Hi, need a hand with anything. I'm still alive if you even remember me...

  2. Hi.... 

    1. taytotom83


      Long time no see

    2. MiniMacca049


      Yeah could say that, a good few years lol


    3. taytotom83


      How have the years been treating you?

  3. Previous JAC Admin and Mod

  4. Like if you cry every time!

  5. Uhh feeling left out

  6. One of the only people who likes me ;'(
  7. Ge the grape soda of my profile

  8. Long time member of staff.

  9. Ha i should really update that.
  10. Hmmm. Waiting to get told what to do.

  11. Good bye old friend old pal
  12. This does not seem very nice...
  13. FTB I would say is a harder/complex modpack with I am playing now, Because of all the different places and things too explore. And tekkit is a smaller mod pack with less choice of power ect, So i'm not really a fan of it but i like the galactic craft