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  1. Anything I please, what I please is that what I please to please another you must first please ones self to please ones self you must not please another before this is done another person must please you but they may not until they please their self this is one of my many reasons why it is unpleasable to please someone A message from the Book of Mark - Praise be to God Mark 10:34:3
  2. You forgot the bit where you die and rage quit and never return?
  3. So I felt like I should tell people this. A Forum post a day! keeps the Idiots away! (More graphical but you know forum rules and all) Please read respectfully and do not call other people Idiots for that is not nice But it is only necessary if! and only if! They r literally an Idiot or have Bullied you! that is how it works people! Take the Jac bins for example all 7 (Maybe more no idea if its extended) But all if you are placed in one of the bins 4 out of 7 times you will be classed as an Idiot so your on your own! Just another random post! Your former Forum staff ~Yerry
  4. Spelling and grammar not included I'm not a writer I'm a thinker... Hope you enjoy Chapter 1, New one every couple days if I remember!
  5. I'm writing a story for everyone to enjoy atm chapter by chapter it shall appear!
  6. The Bouncy and the Worm! There once was a small worm called Sherman, Sherman was a smart worm with an actual eye. He has a big family One brother and seventy two sisters and only a mother, His father was squashed when he was little, This little worm lived in a small hole in the ground, Miniature furniture for him to slither on and a tiny dish cloth with a picture of his favourite spot in the whole world on it, The Amazon! full of dangerous creatures and lovely scenery, Dark brown roots strangling the trees like a snake keeping grasp on its prey, the Amazon is full of Various Big and small but what Sherman had to worry about was the fact that anything there could take him away at any moment But Sherman being as smart as he was, knew how he could get there and back without being digested by the big scary forest creatures such as the Bouncy! the troubled being living in his small mud hut for years! No one dares to go near it or he might just turn on you and make you build something for him!, he was the most terrible being of the forest, Sherman new he must avoid him especially if he didn't want to get eaten!, Sherman was just setting out for his adventure with his single yellow boot that glistened in the sun, like Beams of light that could blind any foe that would just look!, Sherman knew this would come in handy. Sherman left his home in search of this place, He didn't enjoy the out doors when it rained but he did like warmth but not to much he remembers the dreadful tail of Auntie Muller, she was burnt alive in a furnace shame really she was such a nice person, Sherman saw a green field full of sun flowers, lilac and blue bells, he knew that he would soon have to get a move on before the birds descended on him, he saw sunlight beaming down on him boiling on his skin, he was staying in the light to long he had to find shelter soon, scuttling to a flower he got in the shade barely making it past the few blades of grass that were in front of him, suddenly out of the flower he was shaded under a colony of bees creeped up on him, slowly behind Sherman felt their presence, he felt a chill as he turned around to see hundreds and hundreds of bees gathered behind him all with there stingers out ready to attack, Sherman yelled ''Please don't attack me I'm just a simple worm lost in such a big world'' The royal bee said ''Eh hum what business do you bring to our land? are you friend or foe!'' Sherman replied in fright '' I am frrr.. iend I hope please let me be'' All the bees buzzed puzzled on why this little worm was in there territory, Suddenly, The Over lord King of the Bees, King Ghost arrived and stared Sherman in the eyes buzzing as he did so, He thought this little worm is not worth the time to question why not sting him and get it over with? Sherman replied full of terror '' I am a.. a.. a uhh Magic worm?'' lying as he said so but the bees didn't know that King Ghost thought to him self, maybe this little worm could save us after all, Sherman still trembling in fear thought maybe he could pretend to the bees he is more powerful then he realizes and make up some story on what would happen if they stung him during this time he was interrupted as a loud crash could be heard coming from the hive in the distance, the bees home, It was the Evil malevolent Bouncy Destroying the bees home! Ghost being startled by the whole thing of Bouncy deceiving him, Sherman took this opportunity thinking it was just something small like a honey leek from a pipe of something for Sherman knew how to fix pipes he offered his assistance, But he did not know what was to come as he ventured on the Royal bees back named Hevy to the bees Kingdom hive...
  7. Poems have certain structures to be classed as one. Yours is not but sure ill keep doing it for you babe
  8. I shouldn't have to if ive done nothing wrong and u cant prove I did or even give a reason? Also let me add Why did you bring this subject up in general discussion over a Poem? cause I like poetry and no one said I cant post it so why does this relate to our other subjects?
  9. Not all poems rhyme so don't comment on that and not all of them make sense..
  10. Does anyone else get it? When you go around the Forums waiting on a reply Sending a message or Just drawing lines? Does anyone else get it? When you go around the Forums waiting on a reply Dreaming about what you could of said or what the other might think? Does anyone else get it? When you go around the Forums waiting on a reply That just some times you wont even receive that reply or you read the same thing over and over and just wonder why? Does anyone else get it? When you go around the Forums waiting on a reply No one can understand you because your spelling is so dry or that Justice is just unwise? This was my lovely poem I hope you enjoyed it. ~Yerry
  11. Well isn't this nice.. I'm just sitting back here laying around doing nothing and might have nothing to do for the rest of my life!

  12. Eh Hum! as u may already know I have been banned for quite some time now... And I feel I did nothing wrong? I would just like some proof of anything I did that I cant deny with more proof, Now If u would ever so kindly like to give me this I will then stop bugging you anyway possible due to the fact I still feel I was unfairly treated and I swear to god is Ahhyourbad is the grape sodaing only one to reply to this or gets this removed I think we all know whats going on here.. Cough (Cover up) now all I wish is that u might but stand behind me due to the punishment I have had (literally all I liked was the teamspeak after the persecution) all I can request is a cheeky unban from the teamspeak due to I feel no evidence will be supplied after this.. Unless forged.. so I want proof of date and times etc and something to back this up cause I got a lot against a lot of u people and I know and have evidence against many of your terrible secrets so Tick tock (not a threat) Signing out OVER THE CITY, OVER THE FACTORYS, OVER THE SMOKE PILLARS! ~Yerry (Kiss kiss josh)