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  1. No, I am not dissing any of the staff I am just saying that it has been a long time and I mean a looooooooooooooong time where I have seen the same 'Delve into the deepest depths of space, roam where no others have been.' and I can confidently say that LGM is not going to make a comeback, one because mods are not in the game that should be and we have been waiting for for over a year, now 3 managers later and we still do not have MFFS, which is a very important aspect of the game in regards to PVP I have spoken with mod authors stating that the mod is ready and I have relayed this to the managers Frun and Ghost and no prevail. I am confident that if the previous managers really wanted to they could have added this mod to the game which is essentially what LGM was but now, 1 year and a bit later I don't see hope for LGM or any of its prior players. @sparky555554
  2. Where do I begin, Once upon a time there was a game... A modpack. And it was called Lapito's Galactic Minecraft, over the years I have seen LGM rise and fall and keep falling and it still is. I remember the days of IceArmy, OP chemswords, Ars Magica 2, iron farms. And it was so fun and the reason why I played personally, I think we all think this when we say Antimatter demotion caused one, the downfall of the server and two was quite dumb to be honest. First manager gone. Next up was Leafy and the god forsaken 1.7.10 update that we were still not ready for. Blind as a bat LGM became less and less played after Ars Magica 2 had gone. No one played, but lets not pay attention to that, we will get rid of ICBM and MFFS and Ars Magica 2 and remove chemswords, followed by this was the poor performance that the server went though for a few weeks then poof. The Server is Down for 6 Months. and our (Manager is playing LOL) Next up I believe was Clipz but I don't remember much about his reign. Then we come up to the modern era Ghost our latest decent manager, and my first experience as staff at JAC. I remember how it went I decided that I wanted to try and help revive Lapitos so I applied for staff and after 2 attempts I got in but then Frun ;we will get to him later, also came in then Drakeon the fab 3 who is now staff members of lapitos. Frun, spent weeks sucking up to Ghost and putting meh down, Which eventually lead to him being promoted to Moderator in 4 weeks. mind you I am still a chat mod after 6 weeks then Jr Admin after 5 weeks me still a chat mod and Drakeon a Eternally AFK Sr admin (God Bless his Adult Heart) then eventually I became moderator about August, then I needed to leave for holiday's and I did follow the procedures, but I got demoted to chat mod again and now been replaced by a person called Cake24 yep I was replaced by food. Eventually, I was tired of the BS Frun was giving me and I left... and resigned being a chatmod. I come back to LGM and what do I get offered a moderator rank from the now owner Frun, pissed me off slightly I decline, a few weeks later I get back on and I am offered it again I decline a few days later I hear that Frun did it out of pitty as he essentially sucked up to Ghost to get Manager ;-; sigh. I accepted it and let me tell you what happened, Frun's base and the people who were based with had creative chests and more including items I thought was legit but no. well he went down with a bang, Tries to follow in XSlashes footsteps gets demoted. And Now Drakeon, who I have not heard of and has made another change to spawn. However we still have a steady 3 players and a server that as I am speaking is down. Now, looking back on everything, I see that no matter how much I tell the admins to bring back ars magica they do not do it even when I was moderator, which comes to show how at least my opinion was not valued on LGM which is why I left... So, now I am here to tell you the history of LGM and why and where it went wrong. and I am also here to tell you.... .R.I.P LGM 2014 - 2017