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  1. Wait...innocence? What innocence?
  2. Ermahgerd senpai noticed me. guys killed WA?! 'sheds tear.
  3. Another reason to come back to JAC. Less lag I hope :D. Planning on coming back once another interesting server comes up (Bring Back Ultimate Eons!) or an interesting server resets. (WA or Circuit)
  4. Goodbye Anti. Although I only saw you a few times, you helped JAC a lot through your managing and time. Good luck. But we don't need to know your exact course number :P. We believe you XD Rojo
  5. Heyo, I cant post on your question, but I just wanted to tell you if you message the manager of the server you want to get chatmod on and get permission from them to make a chatmod app in the "General" portion of the server forum (not "General Discussion"), then you can manually make your own app, in the same format as the form for chatmod, but in the general portion of the server. Remember to write you got [permission from a manager to post in General.

    Good luck on your app and welcome to the forums :)


  6. Filthyyyyyyy



    sounds funny on the tounge...

    It sounds quite...FILLLLTHYYYYYYYYYY

    I'm bored.

  7. Server isn't up because the chunks haven't fully loaded yet, but they should be done by now. Except they aren't ;-;. It timed me out.
  8. I don't have time to burn, but I may as well try the modpack over my break. Ive been making a few forays into magic mods, I may as well put em to use :\
  9. No please! Yesterday I ate OhGamings stupid pixelmon mudpack! Oh wait...doesn't JAC use that for pixel+? Oh Crap. I hope I ate a local copy...
  10. Soz. I was hungry again. Plz don't bans meh. I thought the server rack was labeled bad that was the next rack. Next time Ill eat dat one.
  11. I don't think the world was the thing eating see, I was hungry at night, so I walked over to the nearest cloud based server room...and I kinda ate a rack...or two...sorry didn't realize...I was hungry ;3
  12. Welcome! Your profile pic scares me. It should be red. Blue...discomforts me.

    1. CodeRedAlert


      There is a lot of blue on this web page, are you not breaking down already?

    2. RojoM


      Oh I have color filters for the website :3

    3. RojoM


      What blue?

  13. Yo TESTMOD. I bet ur an alt of one of the forum engineers. For testing ofc

  14. Dat gender neutral profile pic tho.