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  1. Hello friend hope you've been well.

  2. Ooh no problem as soon as i fix a small issue with the launcher it will be available check back with me later today or tomorrow.
  3. Hi, the update would have been out 2 weeks ago I think it might be an issue on your end because there are people with the pack and playing on the server.
  4. Hi Merphie1 may I ask on what server you are Speaking of?
  5. every morning he would
  6. I attempted to uncorrupt you without you needing to loose all your items but if you are still corrupted it means that its your player that is corrupted.
  7. Thank you for this post I will be working on minimizing the chances of this happening.
  8. What's happening on the Wizard academy server? Can you please contact a staff to fix this? It's been down for awhile know.

  9. The people have spoken! We are preforming a map reset today expect the server to be up late tomorrow or early Thursday
  10. Make sure you allocate a sufficient amount of ram to the launcher 2-3GB should be enough