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  1. Putty I would like to talk to you after the new infamy update gets released.
  2. Rip Pixelmon
  3. Huh, im glad to see a comeback from lapitos. I was sure it was gone. Guess i have something to do now, Thanks for bringing it back up Ghost
  4. hey the pub server should auto show, use the Technic Launcher if youre not already. sorry if this doesnt help. 

    1. Starfruit_Yum


      I am using the technic launcher, and when i go to edit the server, there is no ip.

  5. The PixelPlus server is down for me! Anyone else?

  6. Wow, somepeople actually remember me. Ok then, now onto the new pixelmon yotube series setup..

  7. Techno! Its been a while :P What server do you normally play on now?