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  1. nice sophisticated site joshua.

  2. Hello you arrogant piece of bad stuff, I don't hate JAC itself, I just hate people like you who own it. You cocky, power-hungry bastard. Also, Clipz is just as grape sodaing bad, throwing my pals under the bus for merely fooling around. So do me a favor, and stick your little monarchy up your ass, you pack of insolent wretches. You especially you greedy piece of bad stuff. Seriously, what's the grape sodaing use of Primordial rank exactly? Oh right, leeching money off people who try to use this game to get away from life. You're nothing but a grape sodaed up Scrooge McDuck, but at least he has a soul to spare you vile rotting walking corpse.

  3. Hi, need a hand with anything. I'm still alive if you even remember me...

  4. I missed you mate!

  5. Love you baby <3

  6. Were doing them as we can. Basically when one is done we do another.
  7. WA is still at JAC ?
  8. Hello JAC Gamers! As you can see our website has upgraded to a new version of IPB and our website is looking sleeker than ever. Over the next few days you will notice some changes to the website as we adapt it back to a more JAC Look so please bare with use during this process. I will keep this post up to date as we continue things on.
  9. Hello JAC Gamers! Tonight we will be upgrading our forums to the most recent version of IPB. The new version will bring a nice sleek look! During this upgrade process the forums will be disabled and put into maintenance mode therefore you will not be able to come onto the JAC Gaming site. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Once upgraded the website will not look its greatest while we update other addons we use to make JAC Gaming's site what you see it as. The theme may also be different we dont know what were going to choose at this time. So folks get ready for the upgrade cause its going to look nice and run a lot smoother. Hope you Enjoy! Josh
  10. Come join us on the JAC Gaming ARK Server! Just search JAC Gaming under UnOfficial servers!
  11. JAC Gaming