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Welcome to the forums! Make sure you checkout the community tab. It includes various pieces of content that we find will be helpful with your adventures here at JAC. 

Welcome to JAC Gaming

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    Latest News of JAC Gaming!

    Calling all players with addictive personalities, 
    We're holding a Governor of Poker tournament today at 1700 EST - the usual Saturday time we were running every week for a while. 
    As always, don't worry if you've never played poker - we're here to initiate you an then take all your money. Jk, well, sort of. 
    This is being held on, come one, come all, but no other variations of that phrase, as this is a non-PG, 18+, under 18s welcome, X-rated, fun for all the family event. 
    See you soon!


    Build Update's

    By Bouncy, in Home,

    So. to spice up the website a lil bit. I thought it would be a good idea to start posting server build updates on here with screenshots of the progress, And see what you guys think, if you have any ideas or suggestions then either pm me or comment on this post  
    Here's the progress made so far on the new fossil tech spawn. XD     (Click read more to see!)

    I'm OhCreative, JAC Gaming's Head Developer.

    I am glad to be warmly welcomed to JAC by many old friends and as well as the new ones. As most of you know I was here a long time ago as a Developer and worked directly with Ghost on many projects. I have been programming in Java for about 4 years now and I have been programming Minecraft Spigot Plugins/Minecraft Mods for about 3 years. I have a ton of experience managing staff teams and development teams. I am still working on adjusting to my new role and I will continue to adjust until I'm back at where I need to be. If you guys want to talk about anything, have server ideas or plugin/mod ideas just drop me a Private Message on our teamspeak or create a conversation with me on the Forums!

    I am also writing this to clear up a few topics:

    #1) If you have a problem with me or what I do, please just talk to me about it, do not start drama.

    #2) I know that I jumped into being a Head Developer super quickly, this was in-part due to I am friends with Ghost and he knows the amount and quality of the work I can put out so he let me back in at a higher position, and as I mentioned in my post above I am still adjusting to my role.

    #3) If you want to become a Developer, I will be posting an application template for it shortly on the forums.
    We Are So Sorry Everyone.
    Sorry For The Long Wait FossilTech Is Back Up. Come on to Claim Your 3 One-time use Kits.
    We are Truly Sorry For The long Wait We Were Experiencing Issues With the map reset and had to make some changes i hope you will forgive us 
    -FossilTech Staff
    In a world where your survival depends on your magic skills, wizards are the elite class. You've been learning the craft since you were just a child, well, you had to. It's a hostile world out there, and you’ll be damned if you’re going to let it beat you. Gone are the days of sitting around at home, organizing your essentia and breeding your bees. This pack has the finesse and mysticism of FTB with all the nail-biting brutality of Raiding/PVP - there are no cozy Towny communities in this world, Dorothy. It's up to you to defend yourself and upgrade your magical arsenal, defenses and skills along the way. JAC Wizard’s Academy is an 18+ server, so only join if you can handle barbarity, sorcery and a whole lot of cursing.
    With this reset performance has been better optimize for all players and the server is more balanced. Multiple bugs have been found and resolved. Come join us on the server by downloading the pack @
    Ladies & gentlemen, the JAC FossilTech server is up and running! Please join us on the server and the teamspeak channel group to celebrate with us!
    If you had a donation rank from when the server was under previous management, please contact a higher up! 
    And most of all have fun!
    - V, G & the FossilTech Manager & insomniac staff team!

    P.S.: In keeping with server tradition, these are the types of chatMods and Mods we're hiring - please apply if you're quadrospazzed

    Ladies and Gentlemen... FossilTech Rebirth is back in business! We'll be launching in a few hours! My team and I hope to see each and everyone of you on the server soon. Sorry for the wait.. Now let's get back to having fun!
    ~FossilTech Staff Team
    Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen of JAC Gaming!
    I have very good news... FossilTech is almost ready to launch! My staff team and I are finalizing everything making sure its ready for all you excited players. Prepare to enjoy yourselves once again on the glorious server and we hope your experience is just as great as the last!
    Thanks for your patience and we hope to see you soon!
    ~FossilTech Staff Team
    Hello FossilTech Players!
    As some of you saw, the server closed shortly after the drop party today. Some of you also know that RoboJackPlays stepped down as manager today. The server went down due to RoboJackPlays deleting all of the directories/files for the server. As of right now my staff team and I are working to put up a new server ASAP. Yes.. Player data/ inventories, and the map are all gone. We're having a fresh start on FossilTech. I'm so very sorry to all of you players who worked so hard to obtain the dinos and items that you did. I promise you when FossilTech comes back, it'll be better than ever.
    Stay tuned for more news soon to come about the server.
    Thanks and hope to see you soon!
    ~Prime and the FossilTech Staff Team