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Latest News

Explosives Craft

Mar 01 2015 10:04 AM | Leonides in Articles

Posted ImageCome check out our new spawn along with many other things!

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Feb 27 2015 03:47 PM | TheRhino in Articles

Infamy is finally here!

The modpack link is:


All the old mods are back, including Borderlands 2 and Atomic Science!

Mod list:

Infamy Armor
Rei’s Minimap
Applied Energistics
Atomic Science
Borderlands Weapons Mod
Random Things
Redstone Arsenal
Refined Relocation
Secret Rooms
Smooth Bedrock
Thermal Expansion
Armor Status HUD
Balkons Weapon Mod
Gun Customization
Ropes+ Mod
TF2 Sentry
Iron Chest

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Blast Zone 2.0 Is Ready for You!

Feb 25 2015 11:34 PM | ClaytonRayG in Articles

Posted Image

Until next Friday players who join the server for the first time will get a special starter kit on join! Spawn is done, shop is up, and we are currently working on the pvp arena.

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Feb 16 2015 06:09 PM | TheRhino in Articles

Posted Image

Click the article for more information!

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Mojang has added name changes

Feb 06 2015 11:31 AM | mjwitz in Articles

Now that Mojang has added the ability for you to change your username there are a few things that you should know when playing on our servers if you are considering getting a name change.

1) If you are getting a name change and you play on one of our servers where the minecraft version is below 1.7.10 then you will risk losing your stuff on to the server you where playing and logging on as a new player.

2) If your playing on a server that is 1.7.10 or above you should be fine to switch your username and if a problem should occur contact a server admin and tell them about your problem.

If you have any other questions you can refer to mojangs post https://mojang.com/2...-name-changes/or you can ask an admin on your server or teamspeak if you have any other questions and thank you for playing on our servers.

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Explosives Craft

Feb 03 2015 05:58 PM | Leonides in Articles

Explosives Craft's server is up and under new management. There will be many new and exiting things coming to both the pack and to the server in the future so jump on when you get a chance and check it out!

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Crafting Dead Reset

Jan 18 2015 07:18 AM | TheRhino in Articles

Map Reset for Crafting Dead! Open the article for more information!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dec 25 2014 07:16 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello Everyone,
I would just like to formally say Merry Christmas from the Owners of JAC Gaming to you. For the celebration of Christmas we are doing a 40% Sale of EVERYTHING on the JAC Gaming donation store. We hope you enjoy the sale it will last till Friday the 26th. The coupon code will work both on JAC Gaming and JAC Donate.
Merry Christmas Again,

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Lapito's Galacticraft Update HERE NOW!!!

Dec 16 2014 03:55 AM | maeve42 in Articles

Posted Image

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Announcing The First Official JAC Feud!

Nov 19 2014 05:47 PM | Elite in Articles

Ladies And Gentlemen,
I would like to formally announce JAC gaming's first official JAC Feud! JAC Feud is a take off of the ever famous Family Feud game show. Family Feud is an American game show in which two families compete against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey question posed to 100 people. JAC Feud will work the same way as Family Feud does except instead of families it will be server versus server. If you would like to be apart of your servers team you need to talk to your manager. The JAC Feud will be taking place after this weeks staff meeting on Friday so approximately 9:00pm - 9:30pm EST.
We look forward to seeing you all there,

The JAC Directors

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