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The JAC Gaming Cloud is Here!

Apr 27 2015 11:15 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers,
I am proud to announce that JAC Gaming is switching to a cloud infrastructure to provide the latest and greatest in performance and technology. With this new system all servers will have DEDICATED resources making it so other servers wont affect that particular server. With everything being separate it will allow for more stable and smoother playing on our servers. Throughout this week servers will be going down to be transferred to the Cloud Infrastructure. Watch the shout-box on the forums to get status updates on what servers are going down and being transferred.
Enjoy Everyone,
Here is a Photo of our Cloud(From the arrow its the next 4 servers below it:
Posted Image

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Explosives Craft

Apr 21 2015 06:26 PM | Leone533 in Articles

Due to technical issues Explosives Craft was down for a few days. We ended up getting a new ip. Instead of having everyone change their current ip, we have added the new ip withing the update. We are also going to be working on a few minigames for the server so if you have any ideas please let us know

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Explosives Craft Event

Apr 07 2015 11:40 AM | Leone533 in Articles

Come join us in all out pvp events. We will be having everything from bring your own gear pvp to team death match and even some kit pvp. We will also be trying out a beta event that is still highly a work in progress. If you would like to take part in this event and try you luck at winning a free kit come join us at 8pm est. The kits will range from the $5 kit all the way to the $100 kits but it will depend on how many people we get to show up and participate. If you dont have the pack installed you can find it here http://technicpack.n...craft-20.611402 We are hoping to see you all there!

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JAC Gaming Easter SALE!

Apr 05 2015 10:25 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers,
We currently have a sale going on for Easter. We are giving 25% off all items both on the JAC Gaming site and JAC Donate. For JAC Gaming you will need to use the coupon code: JACEaster to receive 25% off. JAC Donate automatically puts the 25% off on all items.
Coupon Code: JACEaster

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First Spark1 Tournament!

Apr 03 2015 07:34 PM | Commander_Brout in Articles

Today we had our first tournament on Spark1. It was a huge turnout and everyone seemed like they had a great time. Thank you everyone for the support in organizing this amazing event, The staff of Spark1 and I would love to host more of these events for all of our amazing players.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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BlastZone HotFix

Apr 03 2015 02:04 PM | Ghost in Articles

After debugging the Blastzone server we have finally figured out the random crashes/time outs.

It has been Dealt with and now the Blastzone server is running fine and if any other problems occur Send it here.
Join us today and enjoy your complementary Starter kit!

Blastzone will you survive the world or will the world survive you.

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Apr 02 2015 02:33 PM | Leone533 in Articles

After working for quite a while, TPPI is back up and running. We have sorted out the issue with our custom IP. You can once again join using tppi.jacgaming.com. The server has been changed from towny and pve to now it is Factions and PvP. We are also working on some of the donation ranks. We are planning on redoing the ranks, kits and the perks that come with the ranks. If you cant get the pack to work on the technic launcher, try the FTB launcher.

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Mar 16 2015 03:32 PM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers,
I would like to formally announce to everyone the JAC Gaming 5 Year Anniversary Part TOMORROW MARCH 17TH Beginning at 3pm on The JAC Gaming Function Server! Tomorrow starting at 3pm we will be doing a bunch of JAC Events including the JAC Voice, The JAC Feud, Who wants to be a JAC Millionaire and much more. The winners of those events will win FREE DONATION RANKS! Also randomly throughout the party we will be doing GAME GIVEAWAYS! Games including Planetary Annihilation, Saints Row Ultimate Franchise, Dead Island Franchise, Pay Day 2 GOTY Edition, and much more all for FREE! We hope to see you all there for our amazing 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY! To attend the party you must be on the JAC Gaming Teamspeak!
TS IP: ts.jacgaming.com
Function Server IP will be given out at the event on teamspeak!
The Party will begin at 3PM EST Hope to see you all there!

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Explosives Craft 2.0

Mar 15 2015 12:03 PM | Leone533 in Articles

The server is up! come join my staff and I for some fun and to redeem your exclusive week 1 kit! We look forward to seeing you all on there. We will be holding some events for the first week and the prizes will range from $1000 in game to the highest donation rank's kit. We hope you will join us on the server and that you will both. Download the pack at http://technicpack.n...craft-20.611402Posted Image

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Wizard Academy

Mar 14 2015 12:03 AM | ReidJr in Articles

Wizard Academy is now open for everyone! Wizard Academy is a modpack based on magic and wizardry, that means no guns, no machines, and no warfare! Come join us at http://www.technicpa...-academy.509607

This modpack includes mods like:

Ars Magica 2
Blood Magic
Tinker's Construct
Twilight Forest

and much more!

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