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Latest News

Voltz Beta open to the public

Sep 19 2014 09:54 PM | grantley in Articles

Posted Image

Calling all Voltz Players- Posted Imagehas now opened up their Voltz 3.1.2, Minecraft Version 1.6.4 to the public! voltz.jacgaming.com:27281

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New iDreams ME Pattern Set product!

Sep 18 2014 03:19 PM | VoSkorbia in Articles

Posted Image

Since we are aware that the new versions of Applied Energistics are more streamlined in comparison to the clunkier 1.5.2 version, we are now offering a convenient donation extra that will divide your work in 8 (...or a similar large amount!)

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CD:C Map Reset!

Sep 12 2014 06:58 PM | TheRhino in Articles

The Faction world of Crafting Dead needs a map reset. A lot of changes will be made!

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OVH networking issues [apparently] resolved

Sep 06 2014 01:14 PM | VoSkorbia in Articles

Hello folks,

Some of you have been in contact with me about your recent crippling connection issues to some of the J* boxes. As this won't do, I have been cooperating with OVH to trace the root of the issue, and they have finally reported that the situation was resolved earlier this morning. This is their official statement to us:

"Comment by OVH - Saturday, 06 September 2014, 01:52AM - We identified the source of these instabilities on this router: some netflow tables fill up to 100% in time and cause flaps on BGP session as well as flaps on some physical ports. To overcome this problem we moved a port to our forwarding agent that was connected to sup on a linecard. No issues were noticed since 12am."

If anyone experiences further connection issues, please contact me on ts.jacgaming.com with a traceroute to any of our IPs/DNSs. If you do not know how to trace, I will instruct you.

Thank you to all staff and players who sent me their traceroutes!


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Aug 20 2014 01:03 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Ladies and Gentlemen the Custom JAC Theme has arrived i hope you all enjoy the new theme which may ucompany a new logo soon so please let us know your feedback in the comment section below. Enjoy the Theme Everyone.

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Infamy - Dynamic Warfare!

Aug 19 2014 03:41 AM | xFinity in Articles

Infamy modpack now owned and managed by JACGaming..

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Aug 06 2014 10:49 AM | xFinity in Articles

How to downgrade your voltz, and join iDreams!

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Lapito's update

Jul 31 2014 05:07 AM | Anti_matter_ in Articles

Got bored of the old lapitos? Well now you can't be!!!

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New Web Host Now Active

Jul 26 2014 01:37 PM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers,
I would like to formally announce our new hosting box in which speeds on our site should increase by 5X. I hope you all enjoy the new host aswell as i would like to say we are still experiencing a few errors still in the donation are as i am aware though it is still functional.

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Players love

Jul 06 2014 02:45 AM | Anti_matter_ in Articles

The love of idreams is always been around for years! Here is a picture of just a few players wanting to show their love to the server.Posted Image

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