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Latest News

The JAC Gaming Easter Sale!

Apr 20 2014 02:33 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello Everyone,
I would like to let everyone know for Easter JAC Gaming is doign a 25% off all donation packs as an Easter special. So at checkout just use the coupon JACEaster and you'll receive your 25% off.

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-=JAC iDreams III=- IS LIVE!

Apr 15 2014 10:32 AM | VoSkorbia in Articles

After a long wait, some prohibitive circumstances, and some intensive bug-busting;
we are proud to officially launch -=iDreams III=- to you!

We are back on our original DNS: voltz.idreamservers.com and so your bookmarks should automatically light up.

All donators are still honored on the server and your kits are already active. We are still adding back each and every Overlord and Demigod vault. Please contact an admin if you do not find your vault in the vault warps available to you (onorth, oeast, osouth, owest), and an admin will set one up for you.

Please don't forget to vote when you're on!
Note: the urls of our 3 voting sites have changed slightly, type /vote to see them!

Galacticraft is fully enabled, and the world is pre-generated to abolish lag for your first explorations.

As always, the same rules still apply.

We know you have missed destroying each others' land, possessions, lives, pride, and equally missed designing complex bases, weaponry and power generation.

Contact a staff member if you have any questions,

I, my two co-managers; TorchedCore & Lava_King and the rest of my endlessly toiling staff wish all of you an exciting new start -=-

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Pixelmon 2 Up & Running

Apr 15 2014 07:18 AM | _EthanMC in Articles

Hey all,
Just letting you all know the second pixelmon server is backup and running. Sometime later this week there maybe a couple hours down time to work on some performance issues but other than that login and enjoy

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Ultimate is back up

Apr 13 2014 10:11 PM | zmaster587 in Articles

Ultimate is back up on ip:
Voting will not be functioning until the domain is changed so bear with us.

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Attention all Voltz players: iDreams III

Apr 11 2014 01:29 PM | VoSkorbia in Articles

Dear iDreamers,

Please read Josh's update below regarding the fate of J1; the home of iDreams.

In the days between finding out that Burstnet had no concrete plans to bring our box back online and the day Josh finally reached the CEO, the managers of iDreams (me, TorchedCore & Lava_King) have been working nonstop to configure a brand new iDreams for you all to play.

We were planning to announce a map reset to take place two weeks from the date that J1 disappeared, but instead, due to the infuriating course of events, and the actions we've had to take, we have decided that in line with the brand new server launch: iDreams' map and all userdata has now been reset.

Of course, all donators will retain their ranks on iDreams as before, and I will be triplechecking our permissions listings before we go live. The Overlords and Demi-Gods have brand new VIP areas and we're confident you will enjoy them.

We have 2 brand new spawns built by us (newbie spawn and overworld spawn). Great care has been taken to keep both spawns lag-free, and all Galacticraft issues have now been entirely eradicated. All the features you know and love about iDreams have been retained, hopefully now more bug and lag-free. We did not expect to ever see the map or user data from J1 ever again, but now that we are to receive J1 sometime later today, we will only be using the old data of J1 for emergency file retrieval, but we will not be migrating anything to the new server.

If all carries on at this pace, we hope to be launching within the day or tomorrow. Once we link up our old DNS (voltz.idreamservers.com), the server will pop up as online in your technic bookmarks. The voting sites are already all linked up, so please show your support by voting on all 3 during this time so we can start making up for lost time on the ranking board!

All donators who have donated in the time between J1 disappearing and now, your ranks will be added on launch. Thank you to all for your votes of confidence during this negligent, fraudulent and unnecessary interruption to services.

Regards to all iD players,


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J1 UPDATE!!!!!!

Apr 11 2014 11:05 AM | josua27176 in Articles

I have some news. First of all i would like to let everyone know were box 1 was. I finally got in contact with BurstNET by calling the CEO. I guess they need confirmation to move boxes over state lines BUT they never asked me nor about100 other co-located servers. So basically for the whole time we were down with no answers from BurstNET's support tickets our box was sitting in an empty building with a bunch of other servers. So yesterday during school i had to work to get the box out for yesterday and i got it done. J1 WAS SHIPPED YESTERDAY AND IS ARRIVING TODAY (AT MY HOUSE) !!!!!!! So once it arrives at my house we will be working to get Pixel 2 and the other servers put on one of our other boxes and get them up ASAP. So all in all the rest of our servers will be up today :).
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused everyone,

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JAC now has Pixelmon modpack distribution rights!

Apr 06 2014 03:07 PM | VoSkorbia in Articles

As of the 6th of April, JAC has been given full rights to distribute the Pixelmon modpack!

We are pleased to be able to lawfully provide 3 servers running this popular and successful mod :)

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J1 Server Move Update

Apr 04 2014 11:31 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers,
I would like to inform you to the best of my ability. The Datacenter that our box is hosted at was 1) Bought out and 2) Moved their whole datacenter to a new location. We will still be hosted there it is just a matter of time before we are back up. I have not gotten any definitive status from them that our box is on the setup process. All I know is the ticket I put in was set to "in progress." So as you all know any servers that are down right now are probably on J1 so please just bear with us in the process. Believe you me, I have been trying to contact them everyday. Here is a list of the servers affected, but don't worry all servers will go back up once the main box goes back up.
Servers affected:
  • Feed the Beast: Ultimate
  • iDreams
  • Pixelmon 2
  • Attack of the bteam
  • Drugcraft
  • Hexxit

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Hardware update and move.

Mar 29 2014 07:54 PM | zmaster587 in Articles

One of the dedicated servers is being moved to another location on 03/30/14 (UPDATE) at 9:00PM EST. The move may take up to twelve hours. We are hoping this move will fix recent network problems.

Servers affected:
  • Teamspeak
  • Feed the Beast: Ultimate
  • iDreams
  • Pixelmon 2
  • Attack of the bteam
  • Drugcraft
  • Hexxit
Another one of our dedicated servers is planned for an upgrade over the coming month. We will be getting a decent hard disk (finally) and a better central processing unit.
Servers affected by the upgrade:
  • Pixelmon 1
  • Creative Crafters (renting)
  • Lapitos

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Do NOT update to the new Voltz Pack on Technic!

Mar 03 2014 09:00 AM | VoSkorbia in Articles

Stay with us! JAC iDreams Voltz is staying on the 2.0.4 build until we are satisfied with the new 1.6.4 release! Until then, it's 2.0.4 all the way!

Due to a technical error, a 1.6 beta has been pushed prematurely and does not yet have any functioning public servers running this build. We are in touch with the folks updating the pack and will give you advance warning before we update to the official 1.6 release.

This is a good thing, as it gives us the time to bug-bust the pack ourselves, and design kits and single items for you that compliment the new pack :)

Until then, sit tight, we'll let you know when we're all starting over :)


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