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    STAFF CHARTER GENERAL RULES FOR LIFE You agree to the following sections from the "Hippocratic Oath" "I will [maintain] regimens for the good of my [peers] according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone... I will preserve the purity of my life and my arts... All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my [position as staff]... which ought not to be spread abroad, I will keep secret and will never reveal." You agree to the Golden Rule, "[You] should treat others as [you] would like others to treat [you]." You agree to act with professional conduct in regard to your peers and other staff members. CHAIN OF COMMAND You agree to respect higher-leveled staff, and to, within reason, obey their instructions. You agree to respect the chain-of-command, which is: to resolve all disputes , when possible, directly with the involved person. If resolution is not possible, then involve the next highest staff member *directly* above you, and if resolution is still not possible, THEN you escalate to the next highest member, up to, and including the owner of JAC Gaming. Example: You have a problem with a moderator, you first approach the moderator and attempt to resolve your differences. If your attempt at resolution is unsuccessful, then ask an admin on your server to help you moderate your dispute. If this attempt at resolution is also unsuccessful, then ask a Sr. Admin or Manager for assistance, and continue up the chain as necessary. This means you will not go around publicly slandering ("bad-mouthing") someone on Discord or in-game. Slandering is not the way that problems are resolved. If you are heard (caught) slandering someone on Discord or in-game, then you may be warned or demoted. I leave this to each server's individual manager's discretion. Use the Chain of Command, it is the quickest way to deal with problems. JAC GAMING REQUIREMENTS You agree to work out disputes, when possible, directly with the involved party (see [Chain of Command]). You agree to attend the weekly staff meeting occurring every Friday at 20:00 (8:00 PM) USA Eastern Standard Time. You agree to be on Discord regularly. You agree to perform duties as assigned to you by higher level staff members. You agree, as a higher level staff member, to serve and to help those below you. You agree not to abuse (see [Abuse]) any powers or privileges assigned to you, whether in-game, or on Discord. You agree to act professionally and treat all players courteously (see "Gaming Etiquette"). ABUSE Abuse is defined as: giving items to yourself, friends or relatives, in-game, which are not available to normal players, or normally banned items (e.g. infinite batteries, infinite MFFS cards, bedrock, Pokemon spawners, etc.), using commands or functions not available to players for non-Admin or server related business, (e.g. using essentials commands or functions such as: thru, speed, fly, tp/tpo, socialspy, eco, vanish, or using WorldEdit, or WorldGuard in your personal house or base, or using commands to help your friends or relatives, etc) using Discord moderating functions when not warranted (kicking, muting, moving, or banning without cause or reason, adding or removing ranks or permissions without cause- this also applies to giving out ranks to friends or relatives or otherwise giving preferential treatment to anyone, and random audits will be performed on “staff” who appear to have gained rank in this manner), or giving preferential treatment or “perks” to any player for any reason whether in-game or on Discord. This list is not exhaustive, and there are rare exceptions to these rules (see [Trolling]). As staff, you are expected to use good judgement to realize where these exceptions lie and know when a particular action may be considered: inappropriate in the normal everyday course of action, very likely to be considered abuse by other staff or players, or may in any way shape or fashion tarnish the name of JAC Gaming. TROLLING We recognize at JAC Gaming that there are sometimes in life where you say, “It was just a golden opportunity- I just had to do it.” We realize this, and we want to encourage you to take advantage of those moments and have fun with each other- within reason (i.e. not at the expense of each other). For this reason, the following guidelines apply to trolling: Trolling in-game Unless you are trolling a friend that you know well, you must be on Discord- in the same channel as the person you are trolling. The person you are trolling must be “in” on the joke. This has to be gauged carefully. Is the person laughing with you while they are being trolled, or do they sound frustrated? Are they making remarks such as, “Seriously, stop!”? If you lose a player’s items while in-game, be prepared to be making refunds, apologizing, and kissing up to them. If a user is frustrated, or is asking you to stop, then you need to stop immediately. You will be held responsible if we lose a player to your trolling. If you are not willing to follow these guidelines, then do not troll. Trolling on Discord Trolling on Discord is usually simpler, and involves kicking users out of your channel, kicking users from the server, muting or jailing users, and banning people for a short amount of time. This is generally acceptable, as long as they follow the same trolling guidelines as in-game. Are they “in” on the joke? If they are frustrated, or they ask you to stop, then you need to stop immediately. Regarding jail and mutes, do not forget to unjail/unmute them. Regarding bans, if you are trolling a player, do not ban them for longer than 1-2 minutes, preferably a few seconds. If you piss off a player on Discord, be prepared to apologize. Again, you will be held responsible if we lose a player to your trolling. Again, if you are not willing to follow these guidelines, then do not troll. GAMING ETIQUETTE You agree to maintain a professional demeanor while you are on any server, whether you are "on-duty" as staff or not. If the server you are staff on allows you to play, you are still expected to help out with player's requests where needed. As staff, you are representing JAC Gaming, and you must ensure that you are representing JAC Gaming in a positive light. Because we are a family friendly community, with ages ranging from 5 to 60, coarse and vulgar language (see "Coarse and vulgar language"), is not permitted on ANY server, unless that server is specifically designated as an 18+ server. This designee must be declared in the MOTD, and must be presented to every player upon joining the server that they are joining an 18+ server. DISCORD ETIQUETTE You agree to choose and maintain a professional nickname on Discord which is devoid of coarse, vulgar language and talk. Humor is welcome, if appropriate. You agree to choose and maintain a professional description on Discord which is devoid of coarse, vulgar language and talk. Humor is welcome, if appropriate. You agree to choose and maintain a professional avatar on Discord which is devoid of coarse, vulgar language and talk, nude, lewd, or other graphically inappropriate material. Humor is welcome, if appropriate. You agree to, when possible, refrain from using coarse and vulgar language and talk to staff and players, unless the situation is appropriate. Soundbombing (dropping into a channel and blasting music, noise, voices, audio commentary, or anything auditory which is not wanted, warranted, or relevant to that channel) is NOT permitted. Streaming music, or other auditory information outside of the Music Room, or a private channel is NOT permitted- unless you are a manger in your own channel, or channel header, or you have the permission from the manager of the relevant channel. A situation is deemed appropriate for Coarse behavior (see [Coarse and vulgar language]) if: You are in the 18, or 21+ only channel, you are in a private channel, or you gauge that the conversation is comfortable, and welcomed by all the users currently in your channel. Upon a new user or users joining the channel, you must reassess whether all users are still comfortable and welcoming of the conversation. An example would be if a user swore, or if they made an off-color remark; this would be welcoming this type of talk. If all users are not comfortable with the conversation, then you must stop and refrain from inappropriate conversation and remarks for as long as those users who are uncomfortable remain in the channel. If you do not want to do this, then you may leave the channel, go to the 18 or 21+ only, or a private channel. COARSE AND VULGAR LANGUAGE Coarse and vulgar language and talk is defined as: swearing, cussing, off-color humor, crude remarks, put-downs, name-calling, comments of a graphic sexual nature and relentless teasing. The vast majority of swear words are considered inappropriate. The only words that are deemed appropriate under this clause are: "damn, ass, and hell."
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    advanced generators, it looks interesting !
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    We don't support personal servers
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    That is the best course of action to take in the matter due to how player data saves, especially with the server updating currently.