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    STAFF CHARTER GENERAL RULES FOR LIFE You agree to the following sections from the "Hippocratic Oath" "I will [maintain] regimens for the good of my [peers] according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone... I will preserve the purity of my life and my arts... All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my [position as staff]... which ought not to be spread abroad, I will keep secret and will never reveal." You agree to the Golden Rule, "[You] should treat others as [you] would like others to treat [you]." You agree to act with professional conduct in regard to your peers and other staff members. CHAIN OF COMMAND You agree to respect higher-leveled staff, and to, within reason, obey their instructions. You agree to respect the chain-of-command, which is: to resolve all disputes , when possible, directly with the involved person. If resolution is not possible, then involve the next highest staff member *directly* above you, and if resolution is still not possible, THEN you escalate to the next highest member, up to, and including the owner of JAC Gaming. Example: You have a problem with a moderator, you first approach the moderator and attempt to resolve your differences. If your attempt at resolution is unsuccessful, then ask an admin on your server to help you moderate your dispute. If this attempt at resolution is also unsuccessful, then ask a Sr. Admin or Manager for assistance, and continue up the chain as necessary. This means you will not go around publicly slandering ("bad-mouthing") someone on Discord or in-game. Slandering is not the way that problems are resolved. If you are heard (caught) slandering someone on Discord or in-game, then you may be warned or demoted. I leave this to each server's individual manager's discretion. Use the Chain of Command, it is the quickest way to deal with problems. JAC GAMING REQUIREMENTS You agree to work out disputes, when possible, directly with the involved party (see [Chain of Command]). You agree to attend the weekly staff meeting occurring every Friday at 20:00 (8:00 PM) USA Eastern Standard Time. You agree to be on Discord regularly. You agree to perform duties as assigned to you by higher level staff members. You agree, as a higher level staff member, to serve and to help those below you. You agree not to abuse (see [Abuse]) any powers or privileges assigned to you, whether in-game, or on Discord. You agree to act professionally and treat all players courteously (see "Gaming Etiquette"). ABUSE Abuse is defined as: giving items to yourself, friends or relatives, in-game, which are not available to normal players, or normally banned items (e.g. infinite batteries, infinite MFFS cards, bedrock, Pokemon spawners, etc.), using commands or functions not available to players for non-Admin or server related business, (e.g. using essentials commands or functions such as: thru, speed, fly, tp/tpo, socialspy, eco, vanish, or using WorldEdit, or WorldGuard in your personal house or base, or using commands to help your friends or relatives, etc) using Discord moderating functions when not warranted (kicking, muting, moving, or banning without cause or reason, adding or removing ranks or permissions without cause- this also applies to giving out ranks to friends or relatives or otherwise giving preferential treatment to anyone, and random audits will be performed on “staff” who appear to have gained rank in this manner), or giving preferential treatment or “perks” to any player for any reason whether in-game or on Discord. This list is not exhaustive, and there are rare exceptions to these rules (see [Trolling]). As staff, you are expected to use good judgement to realize where these exceptions lie and know when a particular action may be considered: inappropriate in the normal everyday course of action, very likely to be considered abuse by other staff or players, or may in any way shape or fashion tarnish the name of JAC Gaming. TROLLING We recognize at JAC Gaming that there are sometimes in life where you say, “It was just a golden opportunity- I just had to do it.” We realize this, and we want to encourage you to take advantage of those moments and have fun with each other- within reason (i.e. not at the expense of each other). For this reason, the following guidelines apply to trolling: Trolling in-game Unless you are trolling a friend that you know well, you must be on Discord- in the same channel as the person you are trolling. The person you are trolling must be “in” on the joke. This has to be gauged carefully. Is the person laughing with you while they are being trolled, or do they sound frustrated? Are they making remarks such as, “Seriously, stop!”? If you lose a player’s items while in-game, be prepared to be making refunds, apologizing, and kissing up to them. If a user is frustrated, or is asking you to stop, then you need to stop immediately. You will be held responsible if we lose a player to your trolling. If you are not willing to follow these guidelines, then do not troll. Trolling on Discord Trolling on Discord is usually simpler, and involves kicking users out of your channel, kicking users from the server, muting or jailing users, and banning people for a short amount of time. This is generally acceptable, as long as they follow the same trolling guidelines as in-game. Are they “in” on the joke? If they are frustrated, or they ask you to stop, then you need to stop immediately. Regarding jail and mutes, do not forget to unjail/unmute them. Regarding bans, if you are trolling a player, do not ban them for longer than 1-2 minutes, preferably a few seconds. If you piss off a player on Discord, be prepared to apologize. Again, you will be held responsible if we lose a player to your trolling. Again, if you are not willing to follow these guidelines, then do not troll. GAMING ETIQUETTE You agree to maintain a professional demeanor while you are on any server, whether you are "on-duty" as staff or not. If the server you are staff on allows you to play, you are still expected to help out with player's requests where needed. As staff, you are representing JAC Gaming, and you must ensure that you are representing JAC Gaming in a positive light. Because we are a family friendly community, with ages ranging from 5 to 60, coarse and vulgar language (see "Coarse and vulgar language"), is not permitted on ANY server, unless that server is specifically designated as an 18+ server. This designee must be declared in the MOTD, and must be presented to every player upon joining the server that they are joining an 18+ server. DISCORD ETIQUETTE You agree to choose and maintain a professional nickname on Discord which is devoid of coarse, vulgar language and talk. Humor is welcome, if appropriate. You agree to choose and maintain a professional description on Discord which is devoid of coarse, vulgar language and talk. Humor is welcome, if appropriate. You agree to choose and maintain a professional avatar on Discord which is devoid of coarse, vulgar language and talk, nude, lewd, or other graphically inappropriate material. Humor is welcome, if appropriate. You agree to, when possible, refrain from using coarse and vulgar language and talk to staff and players, unless the situation is appropriate. Soundbombing (dropping into a channel and blasting music, noise, voices, audio commentary, or anything auditory which is not wanted, warranted, or relevant to that channel) is NOT permitted. Streaming music, or other auditory information outside of the Music Room, or a private channel is NOT permitted- unless you are a manger in your own channel, or channel header, or you have the permission from the manager of the relevant channel. A situation is deemed appropriate for Coarse behavior (see [Coarse and vulgar language]) if: You are in the 18, or 21+ only channel, you are in a private channel, or you gauge that the conversation is comfortable, and welcomed by all the users currently in your channel. Upon a new user or users joining the channel, you must reassess whether all users are still comfortable and welcoming of the conversation. An example would be if a user swore, or if they made an off-color remark; this would be welcoming this type of talk. If all users are not comfortable with the conversation, then you must stop and refrain from inappropriate conversation and remarks for as long as those users who are uncomfortable remain in the channel. If you do not want to do this, then you may leave the channel, go to the 18 or 21+ only, or a private channel. COARSE AND VULGAR LANGUAGE Coarse and vulgar language and talk is defined as: swearing, cussing, off-color humor, crude remarks, put-downs, name-calling, comments of a graphic sexual nature and relentless teasing. The vast majority of swear words are considered inappropriate. The only words that are deemed appropriate under this clause are: "damn, ass, and hell."
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    This End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and JAC Gaming and its parent corporation, JAC Systems LLC, henceforth referred to in this agreement as "WE" "US" & "OUR" respectively. JAC Gaming is defined as a "Family-Friendly Community", and all staff will observe and respect this as laid out in [staff Charter]. Failure to comply with stated [staff Charter] can, and may result in loss of rank, or even removal or barring from the JAC Gaming community. STAFF CHARTER By checking the box, "I have read and agree to", you are certifying that you have read the "Staff Charter", and agree to observe and follow all guidelines as described in "Staff Charter" to the best of your abilities. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY You agree that any creations, modifications, edifications and improvements, defined in [Changes] on any resources, defined in [servers], become the permanent inherent intellectual property of JAC Gaming, except for appropriately licensed software defined in [Licensing]. Furthermore, we reserve the right to protect and defend our property from any and all threats or attacks, including those defined in [Cybercrime], whether intentional or accidental, direct or indirect, by limiting or removing your access, denying your use, deleting or removing your rank, or any other action that we deem necessary. CHANGES Changes are defined as, but not limited to: placing or removing blocks, placing or removing tiles, placing or removing entities, adding, editing, or removing plugins, adding, editing, or removing files, adding, editing, or removing folders, adding, editing, or removing computer or machine code, adding or removing schematics, or using licensed software such as "WorldEdit" or "WorldGuard" or other licensed software, to make, define, redefine, flag, add or remove members, add or remove owners, or otherwise modify a player, section, region, or world. SERVERS Servers are defined as any hardware device owned, leased, rented, or licensed by JAC Gaming which allows or accepts connections to or from a data colocation centre, or any software, or software platform running on beforementioned hardware. GOVERNANCE You certify and agree that you are at least thirteen (13) years of age and are able to be bound by the terms in this agreement, as set forth in the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule" (COPPA) 16 CFR Part 312, 1998 5 U.S.C. 6501-6505. By checking the box, "I have read and agree to the Staff Charter", you are agreeing that you are in fact at least thirteen years of age, and agree to be bound by the terms as set forth in this document. By checking the box, "I have read and agree to Terms of Service", you are certifying that you are at least 13 years old, have read these terms, and agree to be bound by these terms. Your position of staff is dependent upon your acceptance of these terms. If you do not accept these terms, do not click submit, and do not apply to be staff. If at any time you are, or were removed from your position as staff, or no longer wish to be staff, or left your position as staff at any time, then you will be governed by your prior acceptance of these terms or ex post facto: any intellectual property, as laid out in [Changes] which you previously surrendered as laid out in [intellectual Property] will not be returned to you, and become the permanent intellectual property of JAC Gaming. TERMINATION We reserve the right to terminate your position, or remove you from staff for any reason, whether explained to you or not. If you leave JAC Gaming for any reason, whether by termination or by your own choosing, you agree not to slander or spread libel about JAC Gaming. You also agree not to commit any acts of terrorism or other acts as defined in [Cybercrime]. CYBERCRIME You agree not to perform, or threaten to perform, any of the following actions, or attempt to perform any of the following actions, whether in whole or in part: attack, crack, hack, intercept communications not expressly intended for you, gain access or elevated access to any system as defined in [servers] for which you do not have authorization to access, gain access to any system or mobile device which connects to [servers], or restrict or deny any user or person’s access to [servers]. Any violation of this clause will result in immediate removal and barring of access from the JAC Gaming community, and actions will be reported to the proper legal authority. LAWFUL AGREEMENT As staff of JAC Gaming, unless expressly noted in writing, you are NOT authorized or permitted to make any legal decisions on our behalf. You may not make or enter into any legal proceedings on our behalf, or give presuppositions to a third-party that you have authority to do so, unless as beforementioned, you have been given expressly written permission. This written permission only applies to acts as defined in said written permissions, and does not give any implicit power or permission to any individual (except as those specifically defined in beforementioned written permission), and does not restrict our rights with regard to our intellectual property, or right to defend our property, whether physically, or legally. SUPERSEDENCE These terms supersede any prior agreement, conditions, notice, or Terms of Use previously entered into with JAC Gaming, and your agreement to these terms constitutes a retroactive agreement, effective upon the first day you became staff. If you decline or otherwise refuse to accept these new terms, then your position will be terminated immediately. LICENSING This agreement does not apply to third-party developed software licensed to JAC Gaming. Any patented, copyrighted, or licensed software remains the property of its legally rightful owner. WORLDEDIT WorldEdit, and WorldGuard are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), and remains the property of its rightful legal owner(s). INDEMNIFICATION You agree to indemnify and hold JAC Gaming harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party in connection with or arising out of your modification or improper or unauthorized use of copyrighted software, damage to you or your personal hardware as a result of using our [servers], your violation of any terms or conditions of this agreement, your violation of applicable laws, or your violation of any rights of another person or entity.
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    You can connect to our server by downloading the pack via Technic, once you download, click multiplayer then Official: JACGaming.com Direct Connect: pixel.JACGaming.com - FINNIE
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    Today I the manager of JAC CD:C Has Opened the server to the public! Keep in mind the map is still being worked on. Crafting Dead is very tense as you will be chased, attacked, and scared as you run through the forest and city's looking for loot and a chance to prove your manliness or femaleness. I hope to see you all in game and I look forward to dieing endlessly.... You can find us on the CD sponsored list. We're the server with the Motd as Welcome All!
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    During my time here at jacgaming, I've noticed that many players know very little about /f commands. I've decided that it's time to create a guide; to truly explain the faction commands. Basic: Players wanting to simply team with their friends should read basic sections. Advanced: Players wanting to have some faction structure should read advanced and basic sections. Elite: Players wanting the full benefits of a faction should read elite, advanced, and basic sections. Creating A Faction And Inviting people to it: (Basic) Commands used in this section: -/f create <faction name> -/f invite <username> -/f join <faction name> -/f deinvite <username> -/f desc <description> -/f open -/f faction <faction name> -/f name <faction name> -/f tag <faction name> -/f kick <username> -/f disband Creating a faction is done by using the /f create <faction name> command. JAC servers will not tolerate inappropriate faction names, so think before you so. Faction names can be changed by using /f name <faction name>, or /f tag <faction name> depending on what server you're on. After a player creates a faction, the next thing he/she might want to do would be to invite players. Inviting players to a faction can be done with /f invite <username>. If you invite the wrong player, do not worry, you can remove their invitation with /f deinvite <username>. In order for the invited player to join they must use /f join <faction name>. If an unwanted player is in your faction you can kick them out with /f kick <username>. If a player wants to allow anyone to join their faction(without inviting them) they can use /f open. If a player no longer wants their faction 'open' they can simply use the command again to 'close' the faction. WARNING: /f open is one of the easiest ways to be betrayed! Think before you do! If a player wants a bit more customization with their faction, they can use /f desc <description> to add a description to their faction. This description can be viewed with /f faction <faction name>, or when a player enters a chunk claimed by your faction. The most efficient way to view information about your faction is by using /f faction <faction name>; this command can be used to view information about other factions as well. Lastly, if a faction leader no longer wants their faction existing, they can issue /f disband. Claiming And Over-claiming Chunks: (Basic) Commands used in this section: -/f claim <radius around player> -/f autoclaim -/f unclaim -/f unclaimall -/f home -/f sethome -/f map <on|off> WARNING: Faction claims can EASILY give away your base!!!! WARNING: Faction claimed land CAN be griefed by use of wrenches, matter cannons, grenades, explosives, missiles, and many other things!!! One of the most basic concepts of factions is claiming. Faction members cannot be damaged in their land unless the opposer enemies their faction, or uses modded weapons like minechem swords and borderlands guns. A faction leader or moderator can claim faction land with use of /f claim <radius around player>; if no radius is defined, the claim will be only for the chunk the player who issued the command is in. Once faction land is claimed, the faction leader or faction moderators can /f sethome to set a home for everyone in the faction at a specified location(the spot the player which issues the command is standing). Once a faction home is set faction members can use /f home to teleport to the faction home. Another way of claiming land is /f autoclaim. /f autoclaim claims any chunk the issuer enters. To disable /f autoclaim, simply type the command again. To unclaim an area use /f unclaim. To unclaim ALL faction land use /f unclaimall WARNING: /f unclaimall unsets your /f home! To view nearby claims, use the /f map command. If a player wants their map updated with every chunk they enter, issue /f map on. To disable /f map, enter /f map off. WARNING: other factions CAN overclaim your land!! Many players get confused with this part. Another faction can overclaim your land if your faction power is less than your faction claimed land. Faction Relations: (Basic) Commands used in this section: -/f ally <faction name> -/f truce <faction name> -/f enemy <faction name> -/f neutral <faction name> One of the best parts of factions is the ability to enemy and ally factions. A faction can be allied/truced with the /f ally/truce <faction name> command. A moderator/leader of the other faction has to issue the same command for the alliance/truce to be complete. Allies can build in each other's territory, and cannot damage each other without use of some modded weapons. Truced factions cannot damage each other. If a player despises a faction, they can /f enemy <faction name>. Players in enemy faction territory can not issue commands like /home or /tpa, they have to add an 'e' in front of it, example being /etpahere <username>. Enemy factions can also damage each other in claimed land without use of modded weapons. If a faction is enemied/allied/truced and you want to neutral the faction, issue /f neutral <faction name>. Faction Structure: (Advanced) Commands used in this section: -/f leader <username> -/f officer <username> -/f promote <username> -/f demote <username> In a faction there are multiple ranks which allow different things. Recruits are the lowest rank, they can not build on faction territory or use the majority of /f commands. Recruits are represented with a - symbol. If a player is promoted from recruit, they become a member. Members can build in faction territory, and have access to a few more commands. Members are represented with a + symbol. If a player is promoted from member they become an officer/moderator. Officers am invite players, set relations, claim land, set faction homes, and have access to basically every command. Officers are represented with a * symbol. Leaders are represented with a ** symbol. To promote players, use /f promote <username>, to demote players use /f demote <username>. To instantly officer someone use /f officer <username>. To give someone leadership of your faction, issue /f leader <username>. Faction Government: (Advanced) Commands used in this section: -/f title <username> /f title <username> can be used to define a member, or give them a rank above/below a faction peer. Faction titles are wonderful and allow the opportunity to have a complete government!!!! Color codes CAN be used in faction titles. Instead of just having recruit, member, officer, and leader, /f title <username> can allow hundreds of different ranks. The only problem is they don't get any more permissions. Faction Permissions: (Elite) Commands used in this section: -/f perm <faction name> <permission> <group> <yes|noo> -/f perm <faction name> One of the most beneficial faction commands is /f perm. /f perm is often overlooked, and should be given more credit. /f perm allows the faction leader to completely alter permissions for faction groups. Don't want officers to be able to claim land? Not a problem! Don't like how allies can build in your territory? Not a problem either! /f perm happens to also be the most complicated faction command. To view your factions current permissions, use /f perm <faction name>. Upon issuing the command a very large chart should fill up the majority of your chat. The chart consists of permissions(right), groups(top), and alerts you as to whether this group is, or isn't allowed this permission(Middle). Here is an example of a faction permission command: /f perm JAC Painbuild Ene Yes; this command would make it so any of our enemies would take damage she trying to edit our claimed chunks. Here is another example of a faction permission command: /f Perm JAC ALL Build NOO; this command makes it so allies can no longer build in claimed land. I hope this guide helps!!! Thank you for reading this took over an hour to put together!
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    Alright so, for the past "while", I've heard nothing but complains from Wookie users(not all of'em). There is a couple things that the Wookie users should know. JAC Gaming purchased wookie's server to save the community, since he was going back to school & Moving. We make no money from Wookie's server and we don't plan to. Traffic has been dying out on Wookie's server resulting in us to think. Why keep up Wookie's server when Survival has average of 70+? Just for the hell of it? It's in JAC Gaming's Best Interest to move all Wookie users to JAC Survival. If you have donated previously on Wookie's send me a screenshot via website. And I'll rank you on Survival. NOTE: If you have donated and not received a rank on Wookie's. You donated to the wrong website. InfamyServers.com isn't ours & we can't monitor donations. File a dispute immediately.
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    Have you ever been raided and was like, "AWGH, DAMN RAID. I QUIT." Don't. If you quit and go to another server, it'll happen there too. It'll happen on any griefing server, like our wonderous iDreams voltz server. Plus you'll start from scratch and not what you'll have in your inventory. Take this being raided experience and turn it into a goal. Find out who your raiders were and try to find them and do the same thing that they did to you and do it to them.. As the quote goes, I think.. "Revenge is a drink best served cold." It's always satisfying when you kill your enemies in cold blood over and over again, it's what makes voltz so appealing. You can kill them with antimatter, nukes, or something of the sort. It's too much fun not to ignore. So if you just got raided and want to quit, just remember this: • If you go to another server, you'll just start over again from square one. • If you got raided when you were logged off you still keep whatever what was in your inventory, so there is a perk there. • There's always room for cold revenge.
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    We have prepared a collection of the most commonly used ME patterns, given to you on 7 1k Storage Drives for your crafting convenience! Great time saver so you can hit the ground running whether you're just starting out, returning, or just got raided! For those who want the "out-of-the-box" experience, this package is all of the above patterns, PLUS the ME machinery, basic factories, AND an ultimate energy cube! The ME crafter, and its 8 page contents come pre-assembled, ready to be installed in your base! This means you can get started crafting right away! This set can be ordered regardless of existing donation rank. This is a standalone one-off extra. You can order either an unlimited number of times. Here's what you will be getting *note- the $5 package ONLY includes the patterns, it does NOT include the machines.* http://imgur.com/a/VFXet *note- the $5 package ONLY includes the patterns, it does NOT include the machines.* Happy crafting! - The iDreams staff
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    How to vote for the server. Offline voting is now enabled! Your rewards will be queued for you until you log back in if you vote while not in game. The four voting sites are as follows: http://technicservers.com/server/77/view/jac-idreams-voltz-iii http://voltzservers.com/server/9/view/jac-idreams-voltz-iii https://minestatus.net/70392-jac-idream-voltz http://mineservers.com/server/31634/view/jac-idreams-voltz-iii You can vote on each one of these sites every 24 hours. Each site will give you one vote in the system which will give you your standard vote rewards. We will also be adding cumulative votes in as the server progresses. This is a system whereby we tally your total votes and give you extra rewards at certain milestones. e.g. getting to 30 votes will give you 32 ender pearls. Voting is easy! Simply click on these links and find the 'VOTE' buttons. For voltzservers.com and technicservers.com you will find these buttons by scrolling down to the usage graph and looking at the large buttons on the bottom left (above the facebook comments, feel free to leave some positive comments for us too ) For minestatus, the vote button is located to the right of our logo, next to the embed button. Once you click through to the vote page, all four sites will require you to complete a captcha and enter your minecraft username. That's it! You've done it! Thanks for voting and enjoy your rewards.
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    I'd just like to announce to everyone that our pack, JAC's PixelSpark Pack has been growing rapidly! Within 2 months we've hit 64,543 unique players! Thanks to Technics new built in statistics page, we can monitor pack downloads and "runs". Average "runs" 20 - 30 thousand. Every other day. Average "downloads" 2-6 thousand. Every other day. You're more than welcome to check the Technic page on our stats. PixelSpark 2.7 will be coming out soon, I've made a forum post where you can post suggestions. Please do!
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    We're looking for good builders to help make jac's servers look good! If you believe you're a good builder apply today! Also, for proof you can build also join the jac's realms server and build on the creative server so we can see your builds up close! Apply today!
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    After living on hold with the data center, they have finally plugged everything in and we are coming back online with all our backups intact!
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    In process of re-uploading all videos. New channel name is "Mystical Brandon". Tutorials: MFFS Mining: 20-30k Obsidian an Hour: How to hack into a Locked Electric Chest! How to use a Tracker! (Sorry about the breathing) Efficent Fulmination (By ClaytonRayG) Coming Soon: [Difficulty] Triple Resources [basic] ------------ ME Setup [basic] --------------------- ME Autocrafting [basic] ------------------ ALL CAN BE FOUND IN LET'S BUILD A SPACESTATION PART 2 Me Autoprocessing [Advanced] --- Other ME Tutorials [Advanced] ---- Inspirational Builds: Tunnel Bore My spacestation! If you have any other suggestions, as i said please feel free to message me. Thanks for watching -ixBrandon
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    Hello all, Finner-Tea here. A-couple staff meetings ago we had a poll to discuss what server(s) we should add. Infamy received quite a-lot of votes, so... We're in management position of the modpack on Technic and FTB. Technic Link Make sure to check it out! Server is already programmed in!
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    Well folks, it was a great afternoon at the first annual JAC Gaming Community Picnic at the Boston Common! The custom JAC logo bouncy castle was a sure hit with the kids! Sadly, the festivities lasted for all of 10 minutes, as the weather was less than accommodating, and of course, our bouncy castle was the only one to get struck by lightning. A big thanks to all of you who came down and we're sorry everyone got cold and wet! Josh was in charge of booking and well, that's all I'll say. Dates and locations for next year's JAC Gaming Community Picnic will be announced at the start of the new year! Soggily, V-Manager VoSkorbia & the JAC team
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    After a long wait, some prohibitive circumstances, and some intensive bug-busting; we are proud to officially launch -=iDreams III=- to you! We are back on our original DNS: voltz.idreamservers.com and so your bookmarks should automatically light up. All donators are still honored on the server and your kits are already active. We are still adding back each and every Overlord and Demigod vault. Please contact an admin if you do not find your vault in the vault warps available to you (onorth, oeast, osouth, owest), and an admin will set one up for you. Please don't forget to vote when you're on! Note: the urls of our 3 voting sites have changed slightly, type /vote to see them! Galacticraft is fully enabled, and the world is pre-generated to abolish lag for your first explorations. As always, the same rules still apply. We know you have missed destroying each others' land, possessions, lives, pride, and equally missed designing complex bases, weaponry and power generation. Contact a staff member if you have any questions, I, my two co-managers; TorchedCore & Lava_King and the rest of my endlessly toiling staff wish all of you an exciting new start -=-
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    Hello folks! We're approaching the end of the month so I figured I'd start creating these lovely updates to keep you all informed. This month we've had several great things happen such as our newly acquired pack FossilTech. This pack is optimal for friends or for the lone wolf who enjoys Dinosaurs and Tech mods. With that being said that means we have a new Manager @RoboJackPlays I hope everyone makes him feel welcomed here and learns a thing or two from him! On that note it's also been decided to have a second Director of Operations and that would be @Ghost our former Head Admin. Over the past few months he's done amazing things with the community keeping things running while some of the other members of management have been dealing with some lovely life issues (school...) It has also been decided we will NOT be promoting anyone to Head Admin anytime soon. It's been incredible on the amount of people who have inquired about the position who want to do great things but it's just simply not needed currently. If those who were interested have some ideas feel free to suggest them on the suggestions forum on the forums. We have also been having some issues with our Technic Modpacks due to a security problem all of out modpacks have been disabled but should be backup shortly. Please wait and join the forums to keep updated on that issue! Although with all good news comes bad news we have decided that Pixelmon has come to end. Pixelmon has been something that has been around JAC for awhile and was great! Although it's seen better days and unfortunately we cannot see another Pixel server being brought up anytime soon. All in all June has been a great month for JAC and I'd like to wish all a great summer and hope to see you around here at JAC. As always feel free to message any staff member (Myself included) if you have any questions or concerns! Yours truly, ~Mickey - Community Manager
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    It's an inside joke PokeCraft... that you would get if you played iDreams
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    Dear iDreamers, Please read Josh's update below regarding the fate of J1; the home of iDreams. In the days between finding out that Burstnet had no concrete plans to bring our box back online and the day Josh finally reached the CEO, the managers of iDreams (me, TorchedCore & Lava_King) have been working nonstop to configure a brand new iDreams for you all to play. We were planning to announce a map reset to take place two weeks from the date that J1 disappeared, but instead, due to the infuriating course of events, and the actions we've had to take, we have decided that in line with the brand new server launch: iDreams' map and all userdata has now been reset. Of course, all donators will retain their ranks on iDreams as before, and I will be triplechecking our permissions listings before we go live. The Overlords and Demi-Gods have brand new VIP areas and we're confident you will enjoy them. We have 2 brand new spawns built by us (newbie spawn and overworld spawn). Great care has been taken to keep both spawns lag-free, and all Galacticraft issues have now been entirely eradicated. All the features you know and love about iDreams have been retained, hopefully now more bug and lag-free. We did not expect to ever see the map or user data from J1 ever again, but now that we are to receive J1 sometime later today, we will only be using the old data of J1 for emergency file retrieval, but we will not be migrating anything to the new server. If all carries on at this pace, we hope to be launching within the day or tomorrow. Once we link up our old DNS (voltz.idreamservers.com), the server will pop up as online in your technic bookmarks. The voting sites are already all linked up, so please show your support by voting on all 3 during this time so we can start making up for lost time on the ranking board! All donators who have donated in the time between J1 disappearing and now, your ranks will be added on launch. Thank you to all for your votes of confidence during this negligent, fraudulent and unnecessary interruption to services. Regards to all iD players, VoS
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    Hi folks! We are running a challenge to see if we can raise 1k in donations in 5 days! What do you, the donators get by participating? IF we hit our target in this 5 day period, you the donators that donate during this challenge get a FREE upgrade to the rank above the one you are donating for! This deal is effective from today until Friday the 31st (00:00 of Saturday the 1st). Donations can be applied to any JAC server. Now is the most cost-effective time ever to donate! Disclaimer: Terms apply for server: iDreams: It is not possible to donate for Overlord in order to get the Demi-God rank, this is the only exception. This deal only applies to donator ranks purchased during the 5 day period, NOT single item packages or extras.
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    Just wanted to warn everyone that we're doing a Dedicated Restart at (11/5/2013) 4:20PM Luckly we have multiple dedicated servers and the majority of our servers will stay online! We're installing more Disk Space and updating OS.
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    Just a general thing when talking to vos about ranks
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    As many people haven't seen the video that was posted a while ago, I thought I'd explain how to upgrade your rank without having to pay from scratch. For example, if you're a Commander and you wish to be Captain, you will only have to pay $20 rather than pay the full price for Captain. It is accessed like so: 1. Click the "Support" button at the top of the page, located next to "Vote". 2. Next you will see a list of different options on your left hand side. You need to click "Purchases". 3. Then click the rank you wish to upgrade. For example it may say "JAC Private $5" 4. The page will say when you paid for your rank and what your minecraft username is with an option to save changes. What you need to do is click on the button in the top right corner labelled "Change Package". 5. You will then be given a list of all the different packages. You need to select the package YOU WANT TO BE, then click the button at the bottom labelled "Change to selected package". 6. From there you will be able to pay the extra money needed to upgrade to the desired rank.
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    Not only are we doing a Texas Hold'em event at 5 PM est, but we are also doing a Minecraft event at 7 PM est on our JAC Event server(Vanilla 1.10 server). The event specifics will not be given out until the event starts, but it will be worth while; ranks, in game cash and more will be given out. Hope to see a lot of your faces. This event is for all ages we request any mature and adult content to be muted during this event(we want everyone to feel comfortable during this event).
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    Hello FossilTech Players! As some of you saw, the server closed shortly after the drop party today. Some of you also know that RoboJackPlays stepped down as manager today. The server went down due to RoboJackPlays deleting all of the directories/files for the server. As of right now my staff team and I are working to put up a new server ASAP. Yes.. Player data/ inventories, and the map are all gone. We're having a fresh start on FossilTech. I'm so very sorry to all of you players who worked so hard to obtain the dinos and items that you did. I promise you when FossilTech comes back, it'll be better than ever. Stay tuned for more news soon to come about the server. Thanks and hope to see you soon! ~Prime and the FossilTech Staff Team
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    Thanks Sorry for Any Incovience JAC Gaming
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    The love of idreams is always been around for years! Here is a picture of just a few players wanting to show their love to the server.
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    Hey guys! Im proud to announce the launch of the newest addition to the JAC Community; Big Dig! Big Dig, is a modpack through the Technic Launcher, with many mods, imagine, the carnage of Voltz, with the possibilities of Feed the Beast! Myself, Giantsfan98, and Mickeyjay88 have worked very hard to maximize the performance and expirence of this pack. We all look foreward to seeing you there! BigDig IP: bd.jacgaming.com TeamSpeak: ts.jacgaming.com Please Remember to Vote too! http://jacgaming.com/index.php?showtopic=2522
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    Gets raided for the first time with endgame items Teams up with raider to form ultimate alliance
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    Good luck everyone. I've moved on to other things. I will not be coming back as staff. I'll still be around. Enjoy. No hard feelings or anything. A good clean break.
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    Enjoy, JAC Gaming
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    Courtesy of my friend Brian.
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    Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen of JAC Gaming! I have very good news... FossilTech is almost ready to launch! My staff team and I are finalizing everything making sure its ready for all you excited players. Prepare to enjoy yourselves once again on the glorious server and we hope your experience is just as great as the last! Thanks for your patience and we hope to see you soon! ~FossilTech Staff Team
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    There's a bright side of a new reset, now we have the opportunity to try new things, explore a brand new world and hopefully enjoy a ~smoother~ experience! Just the fact that the server is coming back makes me very happy, and if you guys need any kind of help just let me know! I am a new player but i like the server so much!
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    2016-03-27 05:50:22 [INFO] kumaro issued server command: //paste 2016-03-27 05:50:25 [INFO] kumaro issued server command: //undo 2016-03-27 05:50:27 [INFO] kumaro issued server command: //paste 2016-03-27 05:50:31 [INFO] kumaro issued server command: //undo 2016-03-27 05:50:34 [INFO] kumaro issued server command: //paste 2016-03-27 05:50:47 [INFO] kumaro issued server command: //set 3347:4 2016-03-27 05:51:48 [SEVERE] The server has stopped responding! Never forget! It was only 4 billion blocks or something I accidentally tried to change... Only like everything from +15,000, -15,000 to 0,0-ish. No big deal or anything.... While trying to only change like 12. xD
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    Another weekend session on JAC, and what better time than now to share a playlist of the short animated comedy sketch show: "Space Argument" by Channel 4's "Modern Toss". I think anyone who has played the Galacticraft mod and set up their first station or moon base can relate to this You know, like those times when an idiot faction mate breaks your gear... ...uses all your fuel...... .....never closes the airlock..... .........loses the buggy..... ...........leaves footprints on the turf..... ..............gets killed by a meteor carrying ALL your oxygen tanks..... Then I'm sure you can feel this astronaut's pain. - Direct link to the playlist - V
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