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    It all started on November 15, 2013 the exact date that I signed up on the JAC Forums. I was 13 at the time. I just finished with a modpack called Infamy and was searching for something new and exciting. This is where I found lapito's Galaticraft. Even then, the pack was known to crash here and there but we all learned from it. From 1.6.4 to 1.7.10, lapitos galaticraft has been changing daily to each manager that tried to slayed this behemoth of a modpack. From Lapito to Arkio and to Marx1 to mjwitz and to Anti_Matter to lunari and to piecrustyyumyum to catfish and to clipz to frun and to drakeon to me. We all tried to make this pack to something better than it previously was. Sadly, we all failed in our own special way. When I was just a player, I would get pissed that the manager wont come online just to say something like "hello!". Ironically, I am the manager and the players are mad when I am offline. When you was young, time slowed down. I remember vividly the days when I would sneakly turn on the laptop and play lapitos under the bed sheets. I remember the days I got raided. I got my younger brother to play lapitos and even buy a rank to help me in the process. Life was simple until you start to age and time seems to fade faster and faster. I am in collage and have a job. Finding free time is nonexistant. I haven't played any games on steam nor any games at all due to both the time from work and collage. Spending an hour or two to fix issues just to go to bed to find more issues isnt helping anyone. For the longest time, I have been trying my hardest to come online to help but it seems that what I normally do doesnt fix anything and I just waste time in the eyes of the community. I still have a heart for lapitos because this was my first gaming community that I joined and may be my last. From this being said, I am resigning from the title Manager from Lapitos. I know it might be sad for some and happyness and joy to others. Hopefully my departure will shed light to the next generations of managers to keep this old dying pack still alive. With that being said, If I can pass my torch/will to anyone, it would be Nbgreen. He is the last living person who has breathed and worship the pack since 1.6.4. I wish you guys a best of luck in the future. As you read this, I have already removed my perms, deoped myself and deleted my keys to console as well as removed discord from both my phone and computer.