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    I've decided that I will be sharing my plans and thoughts for the community for everyone to read. I probably wont post here until my ideas are final, but I believe a lot of you would like to know whats going on and what the future may hold for the community. Going to keep my posts short and sweet. The topic will stay locked, any further questions contact me VIA discord. So the first Idea I will be going through with is I will be appointing a Community Manager, that will be someone who will be getting more involved with the community! Unlike the last versions of community managers they will not be an executive administrator on JAC. They will be in charge of the Social Media side of JAC and the thing I'm most excited for is bringing back events! Examples of events: Karaoke, and other events on our Vanilla event server! The idea is to have an event every Friday after the staff meetings JAC holds! I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the community to get more involved with each other again! Remember in order for this to work, you the community will have to play the part in order to make everything more fun again! Have a great day everyone! -Clipz
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    Wizard Academy has relished in its day and age of peace and prosperity, which soon comes to an end. The server shall be burned to the ground, so it shall rise from the ashes like a glorious Phoenix. Soon Wizard's Academy will undergo a war of great proportions, in its anticipation for the new update that is being released. This war will go live on Tuesday at 12 AM EST. It will extend until Wednesday 12 AM EST. When the server will go down in anticipation of the update that will go live soon. You will gain the ability to Teleport freely with /tp. You will gain the ability to use /give. Good Luck. ~HooliganTato
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    Not at all mickey, not at all