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    WA is currently whitelisted because they are planing to do a reset. We have no clue on a time frame. The reset was decided on a player vote. This came after a 4-day rollback due to a few miscommunication issues. Lala, Jubbikamai and other staff members decided to leave the night of the rollback.With the exit of the staff team, new Chat-mods, ZambiesBrains and Girlguy57 have arrived. Lala has since then came back and now is a manager along with djcoolitoff. My knowledge of the current staff team(excuse me for not having their full names) Lewis, ZambieBrians, Morris, girlguy57, djcoolitoff, and Lala. I am in no way part of the staff team or even a staff member on JAC. Please excuse the typos and misspellings. Not all of this information is guaranteed to be correct as it is what I have been told.
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    So these are items that I, and people of the community and friends of mine have suggested to be banned, I personally do not agree with all of these but they are suggestions. **If an item has an asterisk by it, it was banned last reset. Shrink spell from AM2 (Hitbox size of a pea) Prosperity spell from AM2 (Spams looting enchantment on kills,plants, etc) Appropiation spell from AM2 (Can move people outside of regions or world borders) Disarm spell from AM2 (Who wants to be disarmed, and it causes player data corruption) Daylight, Moonlight spell from AM2 (Used together can crash the server with day cycle) * Chrono Anchor spell from AM2 (You legit never die) Ender Intervention spell from AM2 (Allows you to bypass claims, regions, etc) Nature Guardian Scythe AM2 (Buggy, has a chance to instakill, and gets clear lagged mid throw) * Air Sled from AM2 (Causes chunk corruption) Blink spell from AM2 (Bypasses region) * All of the imbued fires from Thaumcraft (You know why) * Shards of Laputa from Botania (Bypasses regions and relocates your spawn) Candlefire Sword from Advent of Ascension (Deletes heart canisters and soulbound items) * Terrasteal seeds from Magical Crops (A little *too* op) * Wither Skeleton seeds from Magical Crops (Also a little *too* op) * Hand of ender from Botania (Lets you look inside of others enderchests) * Hand of death from Witchery (Bypasses regions and can kill players) Binkey from Witchery (Spawns in infinite horses) * Convacation of the Damned from BM (Causes severe lag and can corrupt chunks) I'm asking around for more items, they're soon to come
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    Username: Dawson03 Age: 19 Time Zone: CST Time I'm usually online: I am currently working a full time job but will be available 6pm-11pm(CST) every night on the weekdays and the weekends I can be on most of the time. How long have your been playing on Infamy Modern Warfare? Before it shut down, I was playing for over a year. Why do you want to be staff? I worked my way up the ranks all the way up to Assistant Manager under the manager John Taylor. I gained a lot of experience with commands and the mod pack. I am professional in my decision making as well. I put others before myself, and will help out anyone in need of it. I will be patient while waiting to go through the ranks. I will never ask, and will work hard to prove that I am able to be a high ranked staff memebr. One of my most stressful experiences of being the Assistant Manager was when the manager ditched the server after losing the whole player base. i worked endlessly to improve our numbers, and ended up getting the server back up to 15 average people on a day. This took a lot of work and patience, and I will definitely bring this to the table. I am flexible with many things and will always respect other players and my higher ups. I can maintain a calm environment and state while a player argues with me, and I will always handle these situations professionally. I am excited to see the future of Infamy, and I hope to be a help in the process. Do you have any past experience of being a staff member? Yes, I have had many ranks on many different Infamy servers hosted by JAC. My highest rank was Assistant Manager. I am at least 15 years old: Yes Do you use TeamSpeak 3?: Yes, and discord. Any additional comments? I appreciate you taking the time to read my application, and hope to hear from you soon. -Dawson03 Have You Read And Agree With The Staff Charter?: Yes Have read the EULA?: Yes
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    I wanted to start off by saying I do love the modpack and the server. as a player of the new Infamy and one who played the old infamy I feel like the new infamy is missing some things that made the old infamy amazing and not just that I feel like it's so focused on warfare that the modpack is lacking in mods that add designs for example like carpenters blocks. I know it is a modpack designed around warfare and the server is a pvp server. this may just be me but I enjoy building awesome bases that are hard to find and raid but all so having them look nice or making raiding bases where I send my missiles off from looking awesome and the modpack doesn't really have any mods that I can build things like this with. One of my favorite mods from the old infamy was by far Minechem. I could spend hours or even days just on this mod because it was so fun. It just kinda adds the aspect of using chemical warfare in minecraft that I don't think some of these other mods have achieved yet. I was unsure of where to put this so I figured I should put it in general discussion that way others can comment if they agree or not. Again don't get me wrong I do love the modpack I just wanted to share my opinion on it.
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    hand of ender can be disabled to prevent pickpocket so we already disabled that feature
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    Not really part of WA right now. This is kind of a pointless pin at this point.
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    Hey, thanks for you interest. We are looking over the application. The process might take a few days due the the schedule between myself and Ahh but we will get to you as soon as possible
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    Minechem is very broken and can be used to cause issues for staff. Most people don't know the full potential of this mod. It's just like computer craft cool till someone builds a base outside the world border. And carpenters blocks was taken out for chisel wish is a nice decor mod along with tech guns is kinda like border lands guns. Since there is no working version of the borderlands guns tech guns is a good second. Plus minechem night be added if I can find a plugin for it. Thanks for your concern and information.
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    She came back and is currently the manager rockstar.
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    If you were an enchantment I would put you on my sword.
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    Can you please unban Torber, he never meant to spam and that he never knew that spamming would lead to a ban. Can you please give him another chance.
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    new MC IGN: MrBowie2015
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    Miss you man, hope to see you again one day.
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    You could have gone for a more Jurassic Park like theme, which would fit the server you're building on
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    You do know Lala isnt on the staff, she left the same time as we did.
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    this is dank. has the dank seal of dank approval by me. dank.
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    grape soda you you arrogant bad stuffbag, for insulting and demeaning my friends. Learn some solid facts before you start trying to start bad stuff you ignorant moron. Love, FloofyVampire