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    Username: DaWhiteLegend Age: 15 Time Zone: GMT Time I'm usually online: 4pm-11pm <Week Days 9pm-10:30am <Weekends How long have your been playing on Infamy Modern Warfare? Since 2012, As for this update, the day of release Why do you want to be staff? I believe i should be staff as i have years of experience in playing on modded minecraft and more specifically infamy. I know the majority of the mods inside and out and can help out the players when needed, I have have had several infamy positions on previous infamys' including the original 2012. I think i would be a good staff member as i care deeply and am passionate about the modpack. I believe i can also create a good impression for others to follow and know how to handle unconfortable situations appriopiatly and maturely. Do you have any past experience of being a staff member? JAC SERVERS: Infamy:Chatmod (Later Infamy): Mod .Tekkit:Mod DrugCraft:Mod Pixelmon 2:Mod, Pixelmon 3: Mod, Head admin-Trainee Manager for a Modpack(cannot remember the name-A wild west modpack) B-Team: Mod I am at least 15 years old: Yes Do you use Discord?: Yes Any additional comments? Thank you for taking the time to read :). Have You Read And Agree With The Staff Charter?: Yes and i agree Have read the EULA?: Yes 0
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    seems like your actually worse, we are just saying you will be raided, you just insult people next time before you post stuff you might aswell look at yourself first Its funny how you have to post this online, its almost your looking for attention anyway, i dont care how many articles or stuff you make about us, you will be raided.
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    Next time you try to look good, also show your side where you are mean see below:
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    im more of a FO3 BOS fan myself, but the airship is cool.
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    grape soda you you arrogant bad stuffbag, for insulting and demeaning my friends. Learn some solid facts before you start trying to start bad stuff you ignorant moron. Love, FloofyVampire