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    I've decided that I will be sharing my plans and thoughts for the community for everyone to read. I probably wont post here until my ideas are final, but I believe a lot of you would like to know whats going on and what the future may hold for the community. Going to keep my posts short and sweet. The topic will stay locked, any further questions contact me VIA discord. So the first Idea I will be going through with is I will be appointing a Community Manager, that will be someone who will be getting more involved with the community! Unlike the last versions of community managers they will not be an executive administrator on JAC. They will be in charge of the Social Media side of JAC and the thing I'm most excited for is bringing back events! Examples of events: Karaoke, and other events on our Vanilla event server! The idea is to have an event every Friday after the staff meetings JAC holds! I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the community to get more involved with each other again! Remember in order for this to work, you the community will have to play the part in order to make everything more fun again! Have a great day everyone! -Clipz
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    Hello more NEWSSSS!!! Infamy well soon be done, It would of been done sooner but my job wants to screw me for the last couple of weeks and I can not work on the server because of this. Don't worry tho I have talked to Clipz and we decided on Sparky for Manager since he has years of experience running and maintaining servers. We are just waiting on grant or clipz to give his keys to the server so he can pick up from where I left off. Hopefully everything runs smoothly and we should be able to release soon and be able to update the new pack and release that as well. I hope you guys can understand and we here JAC are trying to adjust our schedules so we can give you a quality gaming network.
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    Hello Everyone, As many of you are aware Wizard Academy will be undergoing an update soon. We have been throwing around the idea of Applied Energistics for a bit and could not decide whether or not to add it. So instead, we have decided to leave it up to the players. Would you, the players of Wizards Academy be interested in seeing this on the server? Please note that we would also be adding Thaumic Energistics as well to add a bit more magic into the mod. Thank you for your time! https://strawpoll.com/fr72g81
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    --DO NOT POST BAN APPEALS or "Why was I banned" topics in general chat-- That is THIS forum and all other "General Discussion" sections Please use the ban appeal section. These topics will be deleted.
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    Richardbob, unfortunately with the amount of information you have presented there isnt much i could do with it. Could you send a crash report? it would make ti a lot easier to determine the cause of the crash. Otherwise you can attempt a few tricks that tend to work for people in the past 1. Allocate more ram. You can do this on the launcher screen. 2. Disable Terrain Animation. Go into options on the title screen, video settings, then animations to disable it. 3. Uninstall Wizard's Academy and reinstall.
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    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd make a comment and hopefully clear things up a bit. I spoke with Brian and Hunter on TeamSpeak about all of this after my original post was made regarding the use of VPNs and proxies. My intention is not to scare people into thinking that the use of VPN/proxy connections is against the rules. Your Minecraft account will not be banned if you are found to be using a VPN. That being said, if you get banned because you forgot to turn off your VPN, you should be able to turn it off and connect normally. The only exception to this is with TeamSpeak, since you'd have to generate a new identity as well (this is meant to slow down bypass attempts, but it may be changed in the future). The people who were already banned for using a VPN were either manually banned by staff members because they were bypassing their bans (not because they were using a VPN), or they were banned by the new system for the same reason (though there have only been a few bans). The most recent ban, which is the one I believe Hunter is referring to was for Major Tom, who was automatically banned and later proven to be using multiple VPNs (possibly unintentionally). Major Tom's VPN was globally IP banned during the testing phase of the project. This was not intentional, but it does prove that the system works with a pretty good degree of accuracy. This was not public knowledge, but for the last week this system has been running on all of our servers and for the most part, nobody noticed that anything had changed. That's exactly how I intended it to work out. I wanted to make sure that the average player was not affected and I do believe we have achieved that goal. If anyone has questions and would like to calmly discuss them on TeamSpeak, I'd be happy to do so. Thanks, Death
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    Its funny how you said i have no sense of humor and then you act like this. You truly are extremely out of your mind if you think that you can just talk about staff like this and then act like you have done nothing. You blame the staff for things out of their control, and you refuse to follow the rules. We asked you to tell us your complaints, but instead you started private discord chats to talk bad stuff about us.
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    Username:_XxxTENTAClON or ArcRays Age:17 Time Zone:Pacific Standard Time Time I'm usually online: 5pm-10pm on weekdays. Weekends it depends. I am at least 15 years old: Yes Do you use TeamSpeak 3? Yes Have You Read The JAC Terms of Service and agree to it?? Yes Why do you want to beta test? I want to beta test because I want to the server be not glitchy in a way. It will be good for the staff and players not to have a buggy server while they are enjoying their time on Infamy. We also could have fun the progress of beta testing the server to make sure everything is working. I have been in this community for a little while now, people know me. It will be cool for the staff to know their server is running right and good before they release it. Also I have always been a fan of tanks and fighter jets and I think it is so cool. Thank you for reading over this app.