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    This End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and JAC Gaming and its parent corporation, JAC Systems LLC, henceforth referred to in this agreement as "WE" "US" & "OUR" respectively. JAC Gaming is defined as a "Family-Friendly Community", and all staff will observe and respect this as laid out in [staff Charter]. Failure to comply with stated [staff Charter] can, and may result in loss of rank, or even removal or barring from the JAC Gaming community. STAFF CHARTER By checking the box, "I have read and agree to", you are certifying that you have read the "Staff Charter", and agree to observe and follow all guidelines as described in "Staff Charter" to the best of your abilities. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY You agree that any creations, modifications, edifications and improvements, defined in [Changes] on any resources, defined in [servers], become the permanent inherent intellectual property of JAC Gaming, except for appropriately licensed software defined in [Licensing]. Furthermore, we reserve the right to protect and defend our property from any and all threats or attacks, including those defined in [Cybercrime], whether intentional or accidental, direct or indirect, by limiting or removing your access, denying your use, deleting or removing your rank, or any other action that we deem necessary. CHANGES Changes are defined as, but not limited to: placing or removing blocks, placing or removing tiles, placing or removing entities, adding, editing, or removing plugins, adding, editing, or removing files, adding, editing, or removing folders, adding, editing, or removing computer or machine code, adding or removing schematics, or using licensed software such as "WorldEdit" or "WorldGuard" or other licensed software, to make, define, redefine, flag, add or remove members, add or remove owners, or otherwise modify a player, section, region, or world. SERVERS Servers are defined as any hardware device owned, leased, rented, or licensed by JAC Gaming which allows or accepts connections to or from a data colocation centre, or any software, or software platform running on beforementioned hardware. GOVERNANCE You certify and agree that you are at least thirteen (13) years of age and are able to be bound by the terms in this agreement, as set forth in the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule" (COPPA) 16 CFR Part 312, 1998 5 U.S.C. 6501-6505. By checking the box, "I have read and agree to the Staff Charter", you are agreeing that you are in fact at least thirteen years of age, and agree to be bound by the terms as set forth in this document. By checking the box, "I have read and agree to Terms of Service", you are certifying that you are at least 13 years old, have read these terms, and agree to be bound by these terms. Your position of staff is dependent upon your acceptance of these terms. If you do not accept these terms, do not click submit, and do not apply to be staff. If at any time you are, or were removed from your position as staff, or no longer wish to be staff, or left your position as staff at any time, then you will be governed by your prior acceptance of these terms or ex post facto: any intellectual property, as laid out in [Changes] which you previously surrendered as laid out in [intellectual Property] will not be returned to you, and become the permanent intellectual property of JAC Gaming. TERMINATION We reserve the right to terminate your position, or remove you from staff for any reason, whether explained to you or not. If you leave JAC Gaming for any reason, whether by termination or by your own choosing, you agree not to slander or spread libel about JAC Gaming. You also agree not to commit any acts of terrorism or other acts as defined in [Cybercrime]. CYBERCRIME You agree not to perform, or threaten to perform, any of the following actions, or attempt to perform any of the following actions, whether in whole or in part: attack, crack, hack, intercept communications not expressly intended for you, gain access or elevated access to any system as defined in [servers] for which you do not have authorization to access, gain access to any system or mobile device which connects to [servers], or restrict or deny any user or person’s access to [servers]. Any violation of this clause will result in immediate removal and barring of access from the JAC Gaming community, and actions will be reported to the proper legal authority. LAWFUL AGREEMENT As staff of JAC Gaming, unless expressly noted in writing, you are NOT authorized or permitted to make any legal decisions on our behalf. You may not make or enter into any legal proceedings on our behalf, or give presuppositions to a third-party that you have authority to do so, unless as beforementioned, you have been given expressly written permission. This written permission only applies to acts as defined in said written permissions, and does not give any implicit power or permission to any individual (except as those specifically defined in beforementioned written permission), and does not restrict our rights with regard to our intellectual property, or right to defend our property, whether physically, or legally. SUPERSEDENCE These terms supersede any prior agreement, conditions, notice, or Terms of Use previously entered into with JAC Gaming, and your agreement to these terms constitutes a retroactive agreement, effective upon the first day you became staff. If you decline or otherwise refuse to accept these new terms, then your position will be terminated immediately. LICENSING This agreement does not apply to third-party developed software licensed to JAC Gaming. Any patented, copyrighted, or licensed software remains the property of its legally rightful owner. WORLDEDIT WorldEdit, and WorldGuard are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), and remains the property of its rightful legal owner(s). INDEMNIFICATION You agree to indemnify and hold JAC Gaming harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party in connection with or arising out of your modification or improper or unauthorized use of copyrighted software, damage to you or your personal hardware as a result of using our [servers], your violation of any terms or conditions of this agreement, your violation of applicable laws, or your violation of any rights of another person or entity.
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    There are many ways to not get raided in this server, or any server that may have mods similar to iDreams Voltz. 1.) Choose your base location wisely; Base location can mean everything, good base locations can be those from places such as: The Nether The moon (be careful of asteroids as they fall on player bases) A Personal Space Station (if you defend the spawn you can be unraidable, but please read the rules on the space station law) The end (make it far far away!) Underneath the surface of the overworld (so within 15-20 blocks up from bedrock, because no-one likes bedrock fog). 2.) Make your base out of durable material; making your base out of wood will not cut it, you may make the interior walls wood or anything else but the exterior must be of a strong material such as reinforced concrete, obsidian, the other concretes or even MFFS machines as they are super strong. 3.) Be careful where you place your base; is your base at 3,000 2,500? well make it higher! It will make raiders travel much further to find your base and may even make yours exclusively hard to find. Many experienced players make their bases at 10-20k 10-20k as it's far from spawn and is hard to get to. 4.) Think of cheaters; cheaters are everywhere on any game that you go on, whether they duplicate, use hacked clients or use more simple things like x-ray which is often hard to escape from. Many 1.5.2 x-ray versions cannot see through lava and uncommon blocks like uranium, so take the time to smother the outer wall of your base in lava to defend your base against attack and to stop x-rayers from finding your base (depending if their x-ray is good or not). 5.) Utilise proper defence; You may think "But Fax! my matrix should deter people from raiding me >:D" NO! matrix's are sometimes not enough. To bypass a matrix you need to consume an enchanted Golden apple (Tips for y'all raiders ;P) that allows them to not instantly die; although they do still lose their stuff. Utilise extra defence on a base such as more EMP towers to combat missiles and Radars to alert you to potential raiders. Or add so much that anyone crashes or has low FPS when they go to your base 6.) Base... Portability?? Why not try making a small base that can store your items in which is smaller than 48 blocks in span? use force manipulators on it to move your base around the world to constantly keep moving! either above world, below world or even in space?! (thanks @Kylian with yo tunnel bores :P) If you have other suggestions to add to this list, please feel free to use it, weather it be on this server or other JAC servers and I hope you have a safe future.)
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    I had a bit of nostalgia and came back last week because I missed playing on Voltz. It lasted for about a week before once again I ran into staff who don't belong as staff. The "lag" chat filter was previously put into place because of people repeatedly spamming it every time there was a small hiccup in the server, and the admins wanted it to stop happening. I completely agree and understand this point. However, I said "latency" one time earlier, and got muted for it for a very small amount of time by LightVelocity for "filter avoidance". Never mind that there is no filter at all for "latency" (yes I understand lag is an abbreviation for that), however people didn't spam latency and no attempt at all was made by the admins to filter this word out or indicate it should be banned. I said the word one time, and LightVelocity on a power trip decided it was worth muting me for. This was right after he was complaining in public chat that nobody respected him. Well, you're absolutely right LightVelocity. Well, you're right LightVelocity. We don't respect you. We have no respect for admins or chat mods that don't understand the meaning behind rules and instead want to use every excuse they can to mute people or act out a power trip. Admins and Chat mods who don't actually understand the purpose behind rules don't belong as staff, and they never have. This is the same reason why I withdrew my staff application years ago when another chat mod got mad at me for telling someone in public chat how to remove the tracker the chat mod had put on the poor guy. I literally had to justify myself to a chat mod while I was helping people, and it was the most ridiculous thing that ever happened on a JAC server. What happened today was the second most ridiculous thing that has ever happened. These kind of staff are absolutely useless, incompetent people to have around, and I have zero respect for them. I will never again play on the JAC voltz server. After I got muted, I started setting off red matters. The admins didn't appreciate that, and took away my ability to plant bombs. I didn't know planting bombs was against the rules, but whatever. After that, I said a lot of things to LightVelocity that really were bannable offenses in both public chat and // admin ChatSpy only chat, and I meant every word of them. I also antimattered both of my bases, making sure I had no reason to want to come back. I was trying to give him a reason to actually enforce his power, and he did just that. You might as well change my temp ban into a perm ban, because I will never be joining this server again. PVPGod, Anonymous, you guys are great, and PVP to his credit did try to calm me down when this was happening. He was also likely the one who (temporarily) took away my ability to place bombs. I don't care. The fact that staff like this LightVelocity idiot exist and have existed for so many years are great examples of why I was gone for so long and didn't miss it. Somehow nostalgia kicked in and I came back and started trying to help people like I normally do, and it only took a week for certain JAC staff to ruin it and make me never want to join again. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to move on. Peace.
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    During a raid yesterday we used explosives on inverted sky blocks which proceeded to make the server crash several times.<<<---- Apparently, it might be the type of explosives and deal with the place/world space which they were used because the server crashed after using sonics in space as well so it could be a bug caused by a conflict between explosive physics and space physics.
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    @TechnoGen101 I will say yes, and your account now has posting privileges. But, don't make me revert it :). -Grant
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    Since Big reactors might be removed next reset and eagle did say if i could find a mod like big reactors,then he would look at it. I may have found one that could work(haven't tested it quite yet, but i might look into it later today). Its called advanced generators. Also, while i'm suggesting mods I have one more to suggest. This one is called Adventure backpacks. The mod does have some issues, but i have never experienced them with any of the mods currently in the server. Edit: Adventure backpack mod might have a high chance of crashing with the gravestones mod, as when you die the backpack places itself, i haven't verified this but came to my mind and wanted to make sure it's known.
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    advanced generators, it looks interesting !
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    Are you a true snowman @FrostyTheSnowman
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    We don't support personal servers
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    I want to play with someone that has the game and a dedicated server for it.
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    This is a website conversation filler as no-one speaks on it... I am alone :/
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    Use 4c (1 minute timer) as a template. Set the PRE value mentioned in 4c.5 to 60 instead of 6
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen, it's been a while since I've been back here and boy must I say, I have indeed missed it. I'm going to be honest here, the main reason that I stopped really coming around on these servers in the first place was because of the complete removal of Pixelmon, one of the most popular modpacks at the time. I was a Sr. Admin on Pixel 4, then Pixel 2 because P4 was removed. When I was younger, I did not understand why on earth one of, if not the most popular mod packs on Jac was sold away to some other server host. So, my proposal is to bring Pixelmon back. Not only could it bring back many players who once played, but it will help the company as a whole to get better. I am even willing to go so far as to build things like, A server spawn, towns, pokeparks, anything really. (Keep in mind I was going to apply as a builder before the servers closed) I can help. I want to get back into the experiance of pixelmon through Jac, as I feel that you as a company did it best. I hope you guys see my idea. That one guy that really wants pixelmon, Ethan
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    Your never on anymore D: