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    Voltz Beta open to the public


    We know a lot of you have either been dreading this update, or looking forward to it. For those of you who have been dreading it- come give it another try with your friends. We have set up a good assortment of plugins to make your gameplay experience simpler.

    Though the server is open to the public, there are a small number of official Beta Testers who, in addition to receiving updates and getting a chance to make an impact on the future of the mod, will receive some additional in-game goodies, normally reserved only for donators. If you are interested, you can apply here.

    Click here for a list:

    • An integrated chest available with the /chest command
    • Access up to 10 homes
    • A Beta Tester rank on our TeamSpeak server
    • A reserved channel specifically for Official Beta Testers
    • An in-game rank of JAC Beta Tester
    • Access to the /nick command with any Bukkit color combination
    • 1024 Blocks of protected claimed land, which can be apportioned into any combination of areas, or one large chunk. These areas can also be joined together with multiple people for an ever BIGGER area!

    To join to you can use the latest version of the official Voltz Pack- 3.1.2, or you can use a pack that I have put together so that you can run the newest version of Voltz, without having to reset your pack to play 2.0.4. This pack is running on the Technic Solder API so it will always stay up to date with the latest updates to Voltz.

    For more information- or to download the pack, click the picture below:


    Whichever pack you choose- jump on and start testing! voltz.jacgaming.com:27281



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