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    Space Argument - a fun toon for Voltz & Galacticraft players


    Another weekend session on JAC, and what better time than now to share a playlist of the short animated comedy sketch show:

    "Space Argument" by Channel 4's "Modern Toss".

    I think anyone who has played the Galacticraft mod and set up their first station or moon base can relate to this :)

    You know, like those times when an idiot faction mate breaks your gear...

    ...uses all your fuel......

    .....never closes the airlock.....

    .........loses the buggy.....

    ...........leaves footprints on the turf.....

    ..............gets killed by a meteor carrying ALL your oxygen tanks.....

    Then I'm sure you can feel this astronaut's pain.

    - Direct link to the playlist

    - V

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