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    Infamy will be opened back up to the public very soon! My goal is to have the server open to players within the next 48 hours, so I hope to see you all back on the server very shortly! We will be doing one more update to add in Ropes+ and fix any config issues before we open the server. Vaults will not be ready when the server opens, but we will work on setting them up as soon as we get the chance. EDIT: We are back online!

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    Idk where the infamy banned appeals are so i am just gonna put and here and hopefully someone will see it. So i got banned last server for duping, and hacking. Now that is a new server i would like to have another chance at playing.. and personally rhino and catfish where very unfair on how they banned me at least the first time they had no evidence.... and u if u decide to unbanned me i could help u find all the dupes and glitches if u would like cause ik a lot of them... And i wasn't the only one that was breaking the rules i don't the blame for about 12 people that people some that weren't even in my faction but of course the staff wouldn't know that....If u un banned me i can make the server pretty popular.. i got a bunch of friends that will want to play if i get un banned. Thanks for listen


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