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Crash on join? Check to see if your memory settings are correct

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Hello Everyone,

I haven't seen a topic on it, so I threw one together. As you should be aware by now, Minecraft uses Java. Java is a great programming language to program in, however it has some issues. One of the biggest issues is how it handles memory. It's bad. Plain and simple. This means with larger and more complex modpacks like LGM we need to make sure we give it enough ram. I'm not going to go into processor vs video card, laptop vs desktop etc. this post is focused on memory only, as it's a quick fix for a lot of issues.

You may be asking, but why do we need to worry about this, can't I just play it? well, yes. BUT if you don't check a couple of settings and make adjustments, you may be limiting yourself to a very small amount of ram - 1GB. This is the default for Technic, and if you have a 32-bit Java or operating system.

To start, we need to see if your computer is 32 or 64bits. This refers to how much data your processor/cpu can access at one time. 32bits has some limits - in relation to this post, this is 4GB of ram. If you're 64 bits, you can use much more.

I'm going to focus on windows, as Mac/apple is already 64 bits with any of the newer OSX versions. 

To start, click on your start menu. If it looks like this:


you have windows 7. otherwise you have 8, 8.1 or 10.

If you have windows 7, right click "computer" and select properties.

If you have windows 10, right click your start menu and select system:



From here you'll see the following screen:


See the two highlighted areas? This is what we care about. Note the installed memory (usable number) and system type. If your system type says "32-bit operating system" then you're pretty stuck. You may want to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system if you can, this is outside of the scope of this document.

If you have a 64-bit operating system, proceed below

Now that we know your memory and system type, close this window, and launch Technic pack. In the upper right corner click Launcher options:


You'll see a new window. Click on java settings, you'll see this window:


see the "minecraft java version" above? make sure it says 1.8 and  64-bit. If it doesn't goto this url and download this file - "offline windows 64-bit" 


and install it. If you're not sure how to, it's the same way you did technic. if it asks to install mcafee, norton or any other "add-on" application, tell it no. and reboot.


At this point, you should have a 64-bit operating system and 64-bit java

Remember the usable memory from your system page, this is where it matters. You need to set your memory for minecraft to be a reasonable amount. I would not go over 75% of your usable memory. This is because you need some room for your operating system, and other background programs.

Here's a good chart that I use:

Usable -------------------------- Set minecraft to

Less than 2GB                            1GB

2GB-2.5GB                                  1.5GB

2.5GB - 3.5GB                             2GB

3.5GB - 4.5GB                             3GB

4.5GB and over                            4GB


If you have a crazy amount of ram, like 8-16+GB you can set it higher, however I have not seen any benefit of over 4GB, unless you're playing something crazy like FTB unlitmate. The above numbers are good starting points. You may need to adjust up or down depending on if your computer crashes or if it's slow. if you set your memory down lower.

And as always, keep calm and mine on!


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6 hours ago, _Hevy said:

always on top of things huh marx

you know you missed them high quality posts...


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