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Hey guys I'm Commander_Brout and there have been many requests from players for me to make a quick teamspeak tutorial in order to help you guys understand and join our teamspeak server. First of all, I'll just quickly explain what teamspeak it, Teamspeak is a program that allows you to communicate with other players that join and they can come from all 4 corners of the globe. It is a quick and easy program to grasp and it is also free on PC! 


Okay, first off, we will begin with the download and installation of the program onto your computer. You will need to go to this site to start.


When you click on it you will be sent to this screen.  


After being sent to this screen you will click on the downloads tab at the top of the page. After clicking that you will then be sent to the official downloads page. 



After you have been sent to this page you will need to choose which system you are running and what system bit you are running. If you have any comments or concerns at this point in the tutorial please submit a comment in the section below.



As soon as the client has finished downloading you may now open it. When you initially open the program it will prompt you to choose settings then and there such as voice, sounds, and other settings. You can just quickly proceed through that for now so we can continue to the part where we actually get onto the teamspeak server. 


Once you complete your settings we will now be able to enter the server. When you open your program your initial screen should start off like this. 




Now on this starting screen you should be able to see a little tab that says connections at the top left corner of it. If you can't seem to find it here is a picture for you. 





Once you have clicked on connections a little drop down box will appear. Just click connect! After you have clicked connect a little box on your screen will appear asking you to input a server address. Our teamspeak server address is, once you have typed that in, click connect and you will then have joined our Teamspeak server! Now it is your choice to enter whichever channel you may wish to join. However, please follow the our teamspeak rules to ensure everyone has a great time online. Thank you and have a nice day. 






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