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  2. You will have to talk with a Wizards Academy staff on that matter so they can be aware of your name change and transfer the rank I think. FrostyTheSnowman
  3. Well, it used to. After 2 weeks of downtime and a bad reset, most of them left.
  4. Dang...80+ players, if only Voltz had that many people FrostyTheSnowman
  5. For those who are not on the discord, I would suggest joining with this link: Its Free to join and you get up to date information and can talk to most members of the community. Discord works in a browser or as a download. You can use it on just about any device and browser. If you have any issues, contact Discord support and they will help you out! To Answer The Question, WA is currently down because it is undergoing a reset. The downtime really depends on how quickly 'Mr.E', 'Morris' and the rest of the staff team, work. This means that for the downtime you have a lot of free time. If the server is up, you will likely have an issue joining, do not panic everything should be fixed before the next launch. Here are a few ideas to keep you busy. Study Its finals weeks for some, and it is coming up for others. Play other servers: JAC gaming is home to a few servers. I would suggest Lapitos it is a tech server, but the staff of great! Learn: Use this downtime to learn more things, become one of the most knowledgeable players. Have suggestions? Do not be scared to give input, the worst that can be said is 'No.' WA was a popular server and with the players having a positive impact on the community it can get to +80 players again. Suggestions, within reason, will be looked at. Please note that just because a suggestion is made does not mean it will get added. If you suggest something but fail to get a reply in a reasonable amount of time(a few days), send a message in the discord. Happy Holidays, Brian
  6. Bring back the infamy server, back in the day infamy used to be #1 modpack. now jac is lacking, i mean the lapito server has like 1 person on it max. GIVE infamy a chance, infamy used to be the best modpack for like 3 years straight and now its gone and i cry MAKE A SERVER FOR IT JACK DO IT!!!!
  7. Yesterday
  8. k, thanks Eagle
  9. Okay, thank you!
  10. I will fix this asap!
  11. Space Stations are allowed. They are not private dimensions, meaning anyone can travel to any space station to raid it. If you are thinking of building one, we highly suggest to build a base away from the main hub that you spawn in. Welcome to the forums! Its nice to see new people online ~Eagle
  12. Last week
  13. I was wondering if space stations were allowed on the server, and I would like to know before I build a spaceship to go on a space station.
  14. I have bought the first two ranks just hoping that one of them had the digiminer(mechanism) kit but they don't( first kit says it does tho) and in-game i have /back which i shouldn't have until explorer rank. according to the store. Thanks for considering this, as i have no idea what i buy when i do
  15. Im thinking about change my nickname in minecraft and i want to know if something changes with my God Rank in Wizard academy
  16. Will this be fixed soon though?
  17. if you stay up to date on our discord we post updates there
  18. @TechnoGen101 I will say yes, and your account now has posting privileges. But, don't make me revert it :). -Grant
  19. Earlier
  21. Alright, apparently its fixed now, must have been a weird software/game glich.
  22. For some reason, Wizards Academy is down and is saying "fatally missing blocks and items". May someone please explain to me what this is for and why is it taking so long....
  23. When ever i try to log onto the lapitos server i cant get on, it gets stuck at "logging in" then says simply "timed out" and i was just able to get onto the server last night so i'm in a hole and i cant get out. Unless something changed on your end i'm never getting back on. I have tried closing the game and restarting, restarting my router, and re-downloading the pack all to no avail. Any help will be appreciated
  24. I does!
  25. Nope
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