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  3. Well, I guess if you say "we are working on it" enough times, they may actually believe you...
  4. We are working on it.
  5. Hi i am here wondering if the player shop's will ever be coming back to IDreams, because i think it creates a better/safer method of buying things from other players without being scammed. Mj33
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  7. new MC IGN: MrBowie2015 :)

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  9. What is wrong with the Well of Suffering? Because when i activated it my witches didn't take any damage, so did i do something wrong or what?
  10. Hello more NEWSSSS!!! Infamy well soon be done, It would of been done sooner but my job wants to screw me for the last couple of weeks and I can not work on the server because of this. Don't worry tho I have talked to Clipz and we decided on Sparky for Manager since he has years of experience running and maintaining servers. We are just waiting on grant or clipz to give his keys to the server so he can pick up from where I left off. Hopefully everything runs smoothly and we should be able to release soon and be able to update the new pack and release that as well. I hope you guys can understand and we here JAC are trying to adjust our schedules so we can give you a quality gaming network.
  11. Dm me the file on discord
  12. how do i send it to you crash-2017-05-09_01.31.12-client.txt
  13. Do you have a crash log you can send me on discord?
  14. teleporting and its be like this for a few weeks
  15. Can i ask what you were doing at the time of your crash?
  16. i think my player data might be corrupted as every time i try to log on my game crash
  17. Hello its delta, i was sitting on my single player world and thought it would be a good idea to use the JAC vanilla server for something more than events. so i thought it would be a good idea to add multi-world then add a Creative plot world, this could be used for the future building competitions as well as a safe place for SR/managers to teach future JRs about world edit(cause using wolrd edit on the server and crashing it is never a good idea, filthy <3).
  18. cant wait for the Building Comp tomorrow, everyone who is in it good luck :D

  19. Are you downloading our Pixel Academy pack or Pixelspark? Because we dont support or have anything to do with Pixelspark anymore.
  20. Hey have you try ed restarting your computer?
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