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  4. Username:JenniferCav12Age:18 Time Zone:EST Time I'm usually online: 12pm-12am How long have your been playing on Infamy Modern Warfare? Few weeks Why do you want to be staff? i want to help out the server and make it grow more in players Do you have any past experience of being a staff member? yes I have been staff on 3 servers one of jac Pixelmon plus I am at least 15 years old: yes Do you use Discord?: Yes Any additional comments? Nope Have You Read And Agree With The Staff Charter?: Yes Have read the EULA?: Yes
  5. Lapito's Galacticraft Modpack on Technic for 1.7.10
  6. lol its dj all over again
  7. which server is this for?
  8. The server will start but then I cant join because there is a red X under the player display in server menu
  10. Earlier
  11. okay thanks
  12. I've been playing on the Voltz server for a while but all of a sudden when i try to join it either says End of Stream or it teases loading in and crashes. From what i've seen on this forum it sounds like my chunk is corrupted?
  13. The server is being worked on Mr E will put out an announcement when everything is finished.
  14. Well guess who is coming back when the reset is done. THE THIRD COMING OF HEARTTWIZZLER IS IN FULL EFFECT
  15. yes all ready to get reset after 2 months cant wait
  16. kinda depends if you were banned because one of the rules stated, like exploitin or doing something to piss off the manager who im unsure who it was at the time you did it XD but if you are like banned for no reason just ask Mr e ya kno and then ye
  17. well im not trying to get your hopes up but like 2 - ∞ days until the mods are fixed, debugged, world regen and possible? a new spawn soooooooo yea the 8th was a understatement of when it was going to be put up soooo, just kinda wait XD it will be up eventually well balanced and alll g000d in the h00d mah boi
  18. so wa is getting updated as of i know. but whats the status on this? anyone know?
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