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  2. Every time I try to log into the galacticraft server I get an error that states "failed to login: the authentication are currently down for maintenance" but I can log into vanilla servers just fine. some help would be appreciated. thx in advance.
  3. The managers Eagle and Drakeon are trying as hard as they can. Though just because they won't add a mod does not mean your opinion does not matter within a modpack. It is a lot more complicated then you think to add a mod and if they did add the mod it would put the server down longer. I believe they can bring the pack back from the previous management, from what I know it will take a bit since it is hard to recover something when both managers don't have constant time. Just give it a bit and it will come through.
  4. Since there's not been an update I assume there's still no ETA, but do we have any clue what's causing the problems? Incompatibilities? Glitches? Balancing? (I remember there was talk about adding a *Properly Balanced* Project E, which is no simple feat...)
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  6. Where do I begin, Once upon a time there was a game... A modpack. And it was called Lapito's Galactic Minecraft, over the years I have seen LGM rise and fall and keep falling and it still is. I remember the days of IceArmy, OP chemswords, Ars Magica 2, iron farms. And it was so fun and the reason why I played personally, I think we all think this when we say Antimatter demotion caused one, the downfall of the server and two was quite dumb to be honest. First manager gone. Next up was Leafy and the god forsaken 1.7.10 update that we were still not ready for. Blind as a bat LGM became less and less played after Ars Magica 2 had gone. No one played, but lets not pay attention to that, we will get rid of ICBM and MFFS and Ars Magica 2 and remove chemswords, followed by this was the poor performance that the server went though for a few weeks then poof. The Server is Down for 6 Months. and our (Manager is playing LOL) Next up I believe was Clipz but I don't remember much about his reign. Then we come up to the modern era Ghost our latest decent manager, and my first experience as staff at JAC. I remember how it went I decided that I wanted to try and help revive Lapitos so I applied for staff and after 2 attempts I got in but then Frun ;we will get to him later, also came in then Drakeon the fab 3 who is now staff members of lapitos. Frun, spent weeks sucking up to Ghost and putting meh down, Which eventually lead to him being promoted to Moderator in 4 weeks. mind you I am still a chat mod after 6 weeks then Jr Admin after 5 weeks me still a chat mod and Drakeon a Eternally AFK Sr admin (God Bless his Adult Heart) then eventually I became moderator about August, then I needed to leave for holiday's and I did follow the procedures, but I got demoted to chat mod again and now been replaced by a person called Cake24 yep I was replaced by food. Eventually, I was tired of the BS Frun was giving me and I left... and resigned being a chatmod. I come back to LGM and what do I get offered a moderator rank from the now owner Frun, pissed me off slightly I decline, a few weeks later I get back on and I am offered it again I decline a few days later I hear that Frun did it out of pitty as he essentially sucked up to Ghost to get Manager ;-; sigh. I accepted it and let me tell you what happened, Frun's base and the people who were based with had creative chests and more including items I thought was legit but no. well he went down with a bang, Tries to follow in XSlashes footsteps gets demoted. And Now Drakeon, who I have not heard of and has made another change to spawn. However we still have a steady 3 players and a server that as I am speaking is down. Now, looking back on everything, I see that no matter how much I tell the admins to bring back ars magica they do not do it even when I was moderator, which comes to show how at least my opinion was not valued on LGM which is why I left... So, now I am here to tell you the history of LGM and why and where it went wrong. and I am also here to tell you.... .R.I.P LGM 2014 - 2017
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  8. Changed my mind Instead of the crystal clusters could you sell the Soul, and life shards? those are needed for the spell version of blood magic
  9. Reading this makes my head hurt, can you please use commas nep...
  10. i would like to see Any of the basic mana items ie. manasteel botania petals......for when you only need like one petal xD i like the dark gem idea as well :/ crystal clusters(blood magic), blood altar, sacrificial knife, (maybe unban the glass daggers as no one has crashed from the effects, because you still get the bleeding from breaking glass, unless other reason)
  11. yes but they are tedious
  12. pure certus and charged certus as well as normal certus pure is too hard to make due to cl
  13. Personally, I would not add Balance shards as those have to be crafted.
  14. Dark gems straw golems blank slates blood altar crystal clusters thaum shards including balance wool string blood magic crystal clusters black lotus
  15. I admit snowballs were personal, but the gems were because I know that whenever I started evil it was annoying to farm dark gems, I don't need them anymore.
  16. Personally, I would not put snowballs, and dark gems are they are pretty simple to get and for exact things. Dark Gems personally just feel like an item you want right now if that makes sense. Obviously, I respect your ideas. I think the Empty Slab was great!
  17. Vanilla Snowballs (332) glass (20) EvilCraft dark gems (6428) promise of tenacity 1 (6457) Tinkers' grout (1973:1) Ars Magica 2 Vinteum Dust (4097) Cerublossom (2749) Desert Nova (2749) Aum (2763) Tarma Root (2764) Arcane Compendium (4139) Journal (4166) Lesser Mana Potion (4117) Spell Parchment (4100) Botania Wand of the Forest (5627) Lexica Botania (5623) Advent of Ascention Empty Slab (4595) Candlefire Sword (jk)
  18. Blood Magic Blank Slates (5516) Crystal Clusters (1545) Witchery Ritual Chalk (7567) Otherwhere Chalk (7568) Infernal Chalk (7569) Golden Chalk (7570) Clay Jar (7559:27) Thaumcraft Air Shard (5395) Fire Shard(5395:1) Water Shard (5395:2) Earth Shard (5395:3) Order Shard (5395:4) Entropy Shard (5395:5 ) Warded Jar (1437) Some Tips: 'Buff the current signs' Ie:32 -64 diamonds instead of 1 Diamonds sell for 50 meaning a stack would be 3200 let someone sell a stack for 3000.
  19. Hello wizards As you probably know we are currently know we are working on the shops. We would like to know what items you would like to see in the shops so if you have any suggestion please reply here. Thank You -Morris
  20. Launch in 5....4....3....2....1...Woosh! Mission Successful! Straight to the moon! Lapitos Galacticraft has just gone live! Can you conquer the stars? Let's see you prove that you can do it! Good luck Astronaut! We hope to see you on!
  21. When I try to get onto Wizard Academy, I get the message "Fatally missing blocks" any ideas on how to fix?
  22. Speaking this is still an issue, if you still play on WA I would suggest telling Lewis, the mod, who is currently setting up the shops. To make sure this item is added to the shop a very high price.
  23. Not really part of WA right now. This is kind of a pointless pin at this point.
  24. Please keep your irrelevant comments off of my post as this is not the place for people to argue and fight.
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  26. i guess i'm still "waiting" take your time
  27. lol child's play
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