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Latest News

4th of July Sale!

Jul 04 2015 11:37 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers!
JAC Gaming is having a network wide sale going on now. All JAC Gaming donation ranks are 25%. If your donating on the JAC Gaming site the coupon code is 4THOFJULY if your donating on JAC Donate the sale is automatically there. HAPPY 4th of JULY Everyone!
Coupon Code: 4THOFJULY

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Project Supernova July 4th Events

Jul 03 2015 08:27 PM | Leone533 in Articles

Project Supernova will be doing some July 4th events. We will be doing some PvP events, some mob survival events, and some other events if we have time. the events will start at 5pm est and fireworks at 6pm est. The winners of the events will receive the highest donation rank kit right after the event is over. If you want to join us, all the festivities will take place on http://technicpack.n...upernova.675779. We hope to see you there. If we can get at least 10 people on for the events, there will be a drop party right before the events start.

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Jun 30 2015 09:51 AM | Deathdroid65 in Articles

Infamy is back and ready for players, we apologize for the downtime, and hope to see you on Infamy soon! The map has been pre-loaded to give you a better experience by increasing server performance. Thank you for your patience.

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JAC Gaming is Heading to Cedar Point!

Jun 18 2015 02:10 PM | josua27176 in Articles

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Hello JAC Gamers,
Cody978 (Anthony) and Myself along with some other people from JAC Gaming are heading to CEDAR POINT for the weekend. We will be streaming live for the occasion while we are there and having a great time. If your in the neighborhood head to cedar point and maybe you can meet up with us! We will be posting live to our twitter @JACGamingas well as doing live snap chats through the Official JAC Gaming SnapChat (JACGaming). We wont be live streaming the whole time but when we do it will be fun! https://livestream.c.../events/4133743. We hope everyone enjoys there weekend at JAC Gaming we know we will.
Thanks Everyone,

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jacgaming
Official JAC SnapChat: JACGaming
LiveStream: https://livestream.c.../events/4133743

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Explosives Warfare!

Jun 11 2015 05:44 PM | Leone533 in Articles

All the planning you have done has finally paid off! Due to all the training for war and gearing up for war you had done during Explosives Craft, you now have the upper hand in this war. This isn't a traditional war so you'll have to be careful. This war is a big Free For All match. You do have the option to team up with other players which could increase your odds of survival but at the same time it might not. In this war anything goes. You can make alliances, then you can go ahead and break them and raid them too. Can you stop this war? If you think you can stop this war from spreading you can download the pack @ http://technicpack.n...craft-20.611402Join now to get some training. An event will be held shortly to determine who might put an end to this war. All participants in these trials will get a reward as well as the the winning team in our team death match event will be getting a special prize. If you win our final event which will be revealed on the day of the event you will be getting the best prized. All participants will be getting a prize no matter if you win or lose

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Apply for Build Team!

Jun 11 2015 01:57 AM | NeonSkiesKilljoy in Articles

We're looking for good builders to help make jac's servers look good! If you believe you're a good builder apply today! Also, for proof you can build also join the jac's realms server and build on the creative server so we can see your builds up close! Apply today!

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WA Update!

Jun 03 2015 07:50 PM | GoldBasilisk in Articles

WA is back up and running! Due to some problems we had with the update, player data was reset. We have given compensation for all players that are going to join as a result of this problem. We are terribly sorry for that, hope you guys can come back and enjoy with the new mods!

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Jun 02 2015 10:58 PM | Deathdroid65 in Articles

We regret to inform you that we will be taking the infamy server down for a few days on the terms of maintenance. This unfortunate situation is due to an issue we had on the server where the ID’s of some blocks changed themselves, resulting in corruption of chunks around the map. We will be working hard to look into the following problem to insure that it doesn't happen again while also providing some compensation as a token of our appreciation towards all of our players for waiting patiently while the server is down. We hope that this will help all of our long and short term players make a start in recreating their bases and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Vaults Coming Soon!

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Explosives Craft

May 30 2015 07:33 PM | Leone533 in Articles

After a long wait, Explosives Craft is back up! If you join this week you will get a special reward! The donation ranks and kits aren't 100% finished but they are being worked on. We are hoping that you all will get on and check out what we have done with the server! We are also hoping that you will give us some feedback and some suggestions on what we should do differently. Due to the update to 1.7.10, You may have to reinstall the pack in order for it to launch correctly. We all hope you will be on and join us on the server so we will be hoping to see you there! You can download the pack @ http://technicpack.n...craft-20.611402

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Age of Extinction

May 30 2015 04:07 PM | Leone533 in Articles

Come join us on Age of Extinction. If you join this week you get a big starting bonus. Age of Extinction is a server where players fight against many different types of mobs. There are mobs from Ancient Warefare, Elemental Creepers, Infernal mobs and JurrasiCraft mobs. You can download the pack at http://technicpack.n...tinction.638389

We Will hopefully be getting a forums area soon.

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