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JAC Gaming ARK Server Now Online!

Aug 01 2015 12:08 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers,
Due to popular demand JAC Gaming has opened an official JAC Gaming ARK Server! Its easy to join and play. We have 3X the taming and 3X the Leveling up so you can have more time playing with your friends and tame some dinos. To join the server just set the server filter to Unofficial and put JAC Gaming in the server name filter. Then you can join me and many other JAC Members on the server.
How to Search for our server:
Posted Image

Thanks Everyone hope you have fun,

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Nuclear Fallout

Jul 31 2015 02:25 PM | Deathdroid65 in Articles

Posted Image

Have you tried out Nuclear Fallout yet? Nuclear Fallout is all about surviving in a harsh environment.

Are you prepared for life in the wasteland? Try it out today and let us know what you think!


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Project Supernova Competition!

Jul 29 2015 11:33 AM | Leone533 in Articles

Starting now till the end of August, we will be having a competition. The competition is going to see who can create the most advanced base in a short amount of time. The competition winners will be receiving a custom rank, 1 time use for all the kits, 100,000 in-game currency, and the winning base will be copied, schematiced and used as warp base to teach new people what a base could look like. The teams can only be a max of 4 people. Each of the 4 players will receive the money and the rank. The team as a whole will receive the kits. The judging will be done by a a select few undisclosed individuals. You do not have to worry about people raiding or griefing your base do to the fact that the server is strictly pve. There is no pvp. To join in on this competition, download the modpack at http://technicpack.n...upernova.675779If you have any questions join us on ts.jacgaming.com.

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Project Supernova server is up!

Jul 25 2015 11:24 PM | Rod in Articles

Hello gamers of JAC, Myself and Leone533 have been hard at work making a server that We think that you will love. And so, we are happy to announce that the server is officially UP! This past update has made some big changes to the pack. We have gone and made living harder. Now zombies may dig to you. Zombies will also build bridges up to you or dive down to get you. We also have added more ways you can power your base and more ways for you to be able to get materials. We added a few old mods that people like so we hope you will check it out! You can download and install the pack at http://technicpack.n...upernova.675779We hope to see you all there! -Leone533

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JAC Spark is Up IP: pixel.jacgaming.com

Jul 10 2015 09:19 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers,

JAC Spark Servers are still up, the servers have just been removed from the server listings. As you all are aware earlier in the year, JAC sold the PixelSpark pack to DestinyMC, and by selling the pack an agreement was made between JAC and Destiny stating: That JAC hands over the Modpack under conditions of a quantity of money and that the JAC Spark servers would stay on the server list (No payment required, Permanent spot) The agreement was violated by Destiny last night under a message sent to myself by the owner of Destiny stating:

Hey Josh! We need to talk about PixelSpark, we established a[n] agreement awhile back to ensure
your server would say implemented into the modpack, however.. for the last several months and that was
agreed upon in the beginning of the agreement. TheDestinyMC's management team has decided that it's
in our best interest to start charging you for your time on the Modpack, this is absolutely NON NEGOTABLE!
We've decided that we'll start with charging $1000 per month, every month while you remain in the modpack.

Destiny has violated the agreement and is requiring us to now pay for a slot on the server list. But this Deal was short lived when later in the night again Destiny approached JAC with another offer stating that: JAC may keep it’s slot on the server listings if they transfer ownership of the JAC vanilla server SkyHype (http://skyhype.net/) to Destiny for no charge at all and the sole right for JAC to keep the slot on the PixelSpark pack. This approach was denied and JAC was shortly then removed from the listings.
The JAC Spark servers are both still online just been removed from the listings you can find the ip here (pixel.jacgaming.com) Just add the server pack to your listing, please if you have any friends you play with on the server inform them so they know.

As Destiny may think this is going to hold us back this will only help us grow further, with MineHype coming out soon along with JAC moving into Vanilla Pixelmon we do not need to remain in a pack that is no longer growing but instead dieing.

Thanks Everyone and Long Live JAC Gaming!,

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Idreams 1.5.2

Jul 07 2015 01:04 AM | Anti_matter_ in Articles

Time to build and destroy

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4th of July Sale!

Jul 04 2015 11:37 AM | josua27176 in Articles

Hello JAC Gamers!
JAC Gaming is having a network wide sale going on now. All JAC Gaming donation ranks are 25%. If your donating on the JAC Gaming site the coupon code is 4THOFJULY if your donating on JAC Donate the sale is automatically there. HAPPY 4th of JULY Everyone!
Coupon Code: 4THOFJULY

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Project Supernova July 4th Events

Jul 03 2015 08:27 PM | Leone533 in Articles

Project Supernova will be doing some July 4th events. We will be doing some PvP events, some mob survival events, and some other events if we have time. the events will start at 5pm est and fireworks at 6pm est. The winners of the events will receive the highest donation rank kit right after the event is over. If you want to join us, all the festivities will take place on http://technicpack.n...upernova.675779. We hope to see you there. If we can get at least 10 people on for the events, there will be a drop party right before the events start.

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Jun 30 2015 09:51 AM | Deathdroid65 in Articles

Infamy is back and ready for players, we apologize for the downtime, and hope to see you on Infamy soon! The map has been pre-loaded to give you a better experience by increasing server performance. Thank you for your patience.

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JAC Gaming is Heading to Cedar Point!

Jun 18 2015 02:10 PM | josua27176 in Articles

Posted Image

Hello JAC Gamers,
Cody978 (Anthony) and Myself along with some other people from JAC Gaming are heading to CEDAR POINT for the weekend. We will be streaming live for the occasion while we are there and having a great time. If your in the neighborhood head to cedar point and maybe you can meet up with us! We will be posting live to our twitter @JACGamingas well as doing live snap chats through the Official JAC Gaming SnapChat (JACGaming). We wont be live streaming the whole time but when we do it will be fun! https://livestream.c.../events/4133743. We hope everyone enjoys there weekend at JAC Gaming we know we will.
Thanks Everyone,

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jacgaming
Official JAC SnapChat: JACGaming
LiveStream: https://livestream.c.../events/4133743

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