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    Latest News of JAC Gaming!

    Hello Everyone! 
    I'm excited to announce that AgesPVP is open to public Alpha testing! 
    Fire up your 1.8.x (1.8.9 recommended) client and connect to AgesPVP.com
    For full details, take a look at the forum post in the AgesPVP forum, as there is a bunch of details in that post. Feel free to join us on teamspeak at ts.jacgaming.com
    WA is 100% complete and finally ready to be released now to the public. Marxs Mr.e and Myself have found the issues and fixed them along with Ivan to use as a test Dummy!!. The server is now live and ready to go, just be adding items to the shops getting the economy going and working on some hush hush items. Donor kits have been fixed along with the ranks for staff and donors along with the default ranks as well. We look forward to playing with you guys on this reset. Maybe the best something win!
    Hey all, hope you all had an amazing New Years.
    Lets get straight to it, we are having an event on Jan. 6th, at 9pm EST. This event will be on the Lapitos Galacticraft Server.
    So you all must be wondering "What is the %&f@&6# event?!?!?" Our build team has worked hard to create for you a custom Death Run. This event will mix the old fashion fun of Death Run with the twist of the mods found in the Lapitos modpack. 
    "What are the prizes?" Lots of prizes to be won, ranging from: Ranks, In-game Cash, etc.
    "Any requirements?" Yes.. We want our community to grow that is why we do these events. You are required to be on the official JAC Gaming Teamspeak to be eligible of the prizes(ts.jacgaming.com).
    I hope to see you all at the event and please invite your friends to join in on the fun.
    Thank you
    JAC Gaming Administrative Staff Team.
    Hello everyone!
    For the past couple of weeks we've been working hard to develop the iDreams Ascension Pack. The pack is still in a beta stage because we want to make sure the pack is stable enough once it's ready for full release.Feel free to come and try out the pack and the server. Any suggestions will be reviewed and taken into consideration. Also, this is a temporary thread, a new thread will be made specifically for Ascension Server.
    Link to the modpack.

    FossilTech Shut Down

    By _Hevy, in Home,

    We are temporally shutting down the FossilTech Server, please do not be discouraged the server will be coming back Q1 of next year. The server unfortunately as of recent has been having some issues, we believe that a clean slate for the server would be the best point of action.
    Speaking about the modpack, as I have stated it will be reworked. We have a dedicated team already working on the pack, optimizing for you, the players needs.
    Again we apologize for the inconvenient timing but please bare with us while we try to make your FossilTech experience a greater delight. 
    JAC Administrative Staff Team
    Hello Everyone!
    Over the last couple of weeks there have been a couple of disputes, full-on fights, internal to staff and external discussions over one issue:
    Rules, and enforcement of these rules.
    This issue has made it's way up to Josh, the owner of JAC Gaming. We all recognize there is a problem - on both sides of the problem. Staff and players define things differently, and staff enforce differently. Some players follow the rules, some don't, and some push the limits to see what they can do.  
    We recognize there has been a decline in players, quality of staff, and it's management. Because of numerous factors - from Josh switching to SantosRP, quick staff promotions, lack of training, a change of player base; high staff, player, and server turnover; something needed to be done.
    This is one reason why I'm here. I've been a long-time Jac player, former staff turned to a server owner separate from JAC, and back to a player; so I've seen all sides of the community. I'm here to help JAC grow, by presenting different viewpoints and ideas I'm also here to help out with the back-end engineering to ensure our servers stay up, and perform the best they can. One task I asked to observe what's been going on, and provide input back and provide ways to "make JAC great again".
    After discussions with Josh, Grant, VoSkorbia and some others, it was decided that we needed to update our terms of service to clarify what is, and isn't allowed; as well as officially publish our staff charter - this describes how staff should be interacting with everyone. 
    These new terms are available under the community tab; and are effective 1/1/2017 as in line with our old TOS stating we would try and publish it 30 days before it becomes effective. 
    The thought of updating our TOS has been floating around for a while, and recent events was the catalyst to make it happen. These where approved by Josh, and as of 1/1/17 are in full effect for everyone, staff included.
    We also have Staff and Player complaint forums. These are here for players to report what's going on - because honestly, we're not on all the time, and we don't want to be in police the community mode. Everyone should do their part. These forums are only visible to managers and up; and the person making the report. Please be aware that we may not respond to every report; as we will investigate the issue and take action depending on what is found. 
    The second half of this announcement is related to a project that some of you have heard whispers of. It's called AgesPVP. This is a my brainchild after playing on some other networks; and taking elements that I like from each of them and combining into what should be a different play experience for everyone. 
    AgesPVP is a multi server (although we'll start with one) modified Vanilla PVP server. Each server is themed into different era's and will have unique feel to them. There will be a couple of challenge ages where some things will be limited to force creative ways to pvp and build bases. AgesPVP will be 1.8; and we can do other game styles as well, so if you have a suggestion of something you would like to see, like a Jailbreak, or similar please post it in the Ages PVP suggestion forum.
    So how does AgesPVP and Jac tie together? Well loosely. AgesPVP is ran on my servers, but I'm teaming with JAC to leverage an already established player base, website, store and staff. Current staff that have the JAC, Architect or similar global permissions will have the same on AgesPVP. We will be taking donations and offering ranks - but it will be different than the current modded minecraft to comply with EULA. The ranks will apply only to the survival world to begin with, and if we get enough draw for minigames/other game modes we'll offer specific things for that.
    tl;dr; TOS updated, effective 1/1/17, New Vanilla server coming.

    FossilTech Returns!

    By Xslash7887, in Home,

    Ladies and Gentleman, with much excitement I announce to you the launch and return of FossilTech, we are proud to bring back one of the most well received packs here on JAC fully updated and remade to bring to you a even better adventure as you fight for survival here on JAC's newly and improved FossilTech.

    Delve into a prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs with one twist, your thrown 500 years into the future. No longer do you fight with sword and bow to fend of these hungry beats but your weaponry has evolved like yourself! Primal times call for drastic measures, you’re faced with the hard choice to partner up in hopes of salvation or do you become a lone wolf pack, take on these ancient creatures by yourself? Adventure and to the brave as well smart, survival awaits as you take on Fossil Tech! Gear up and dive into the fight head first, heart racing and blood pumping. Have no mercy fight for your life!
    Regards The JAC administrative team!

    Double Saturday Event!!!

    By _Hevy, in Home,

    Not only are we doing a Texas Hold'em event at 5 PM est, but we are also doing a Minecraft event at 7 PM est on our JAC Event server(Vanilla 1.10 server). The event specifics will not be given out until the event starts, but it will be worth while; ranks, in game cash and more will be given out.
    Hope to see a lot of your faces.
    This event is for all ages we request any mature and adult content to be muted during this event(we want everyone to feel comfortable during this event).