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    By Deathdroid65, in Home,

    Infamy will be opened back up to the public very soon! My goal is to have the server open to players within the next 48 hours, so I hope to see you all back on the server very shortly! We will be doing one more update to add in Ropes+ and fix any config issues before we open the server. Vaults will not be ready when the server opens, but we will work on setting them up as soon as we get the chance. EDIT: We are back online!
    The JAC buildteam has gone under some modifications, and has needed more members of the team to complete our new tasks. Please apply! If you, or someone you know knows how to build great, we would be glad to veiw what others can do! Having a teamspeak is a must! We don't want stragglers from other servers, we want someone who wont come and go alot. Please apply, much love Neon!

    On September 26th we will be holding a pvp event. This event is going to be a free for all pvp where the players bring their own gear. The prizes for the event will be announced the week of the event. You have exactly 1 month to start getting geared up. The more players we get for this event the better the prizes will be. If you would like to participate in this event you can download the pack at http://technicpack.net/modpack/project-supernova.675779 We hope to see you all there! If you have any questions feel free to ask by leaving a comment on this post.

    Donation Tranfers

    By Hevy911, in Home,

    After long discussions the Administrative staff have decided to remove the donation of transferring donation ranks from active servers. The reason this decision was made is; After seeing some players abuse this donation to constantly transfer ranks across servers to gain rewards. This to us is unfair to others, to only donate $10 for a $100 rank on another server. So after 8/26/15 the option to transfer ranks from active servers will be unavailable. You will only be able to transfer your rank from discontinued servers (Blastzone, Lapitos Galaticraft, etc..) to Active ones, nor can you use current donation money to transfer to a new server, you must donate an additional $10 to transfer.
    -Administrative Staff of JAC Gaming

    Infamy Reset

    By KingTyler001, in Home,

    Infamy is currently down and the staff are working to setup the server, because the map got corrupted late last night. The map will be fresh and all player data will be reset. We are also working to update a few parts of the modpack and doing some testing, so please be patient while we get things setup. There will be a full reset.
    After a lot of work we have finally opened the server up! This pack is a bit of a large one so if your wanting it i would suggest having at least 2 gigs of ram. The spawn we have currently is just a temp spawn. We are planning on having our new spawn and all our donation ranks and kits up shortly. We are also hoping to see you all on the server. If you want to play you can download the pack at http://technicpack.net/modpack/project-supernova.675779

    Its Finally Here

    By Hevy911, in Home,

    Well after long anticipation and hard work, JAC Gaming is proud to announce our new Pixelmon server is now online and is waiting for you. Using only Pixelmon version 3.4 as its only mod; You can now immerse yourself in a pixel only universe, with custom Gym Leaders, and awesome Legendary Pixelmon this journey is going to be a fun one. The JAC Community invites you to share this awesome experience with them.... Will you join them?
    Sincerely Administrative staff of JAC Gaming
    IP: Pixelmon.JACGaming.com 
    We have responded to your input and have added Minechem to Infamy once again! Everything is configured normally, except I have removed the ability to have chem swords, since they are a bit game breaking. I hope you all enjoy the update! If you have any suggestions for future improvements, just let me know.
    Due to low traffic Supernova is going to be getting a complete rework. With this rework there will have to be a map reset due to the rework. Stay tuned for more information and if you have any questions ask and ill reply asap.