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    Latest News of JAC Gaming!

    That is right everyone after all the asking all the pleading, JAC Gaming is finally going to be selling T-Shirts. T-Shirts will be coming in 3 colors: Grey, Blue, and Black. We will also be selling hoodies in the same colors. The clothing will have the original JAC logo either on the front or the back. We hope to see a lot of you sporting the merchandise, and if you want to show your JAC love send us a pic on twitter with your T-Shirt or Hoodie!!!
    JAC Administrative Staff
    Store link: http://www.redbubble.com/people/jacgaming/shop
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JACGaming
    Interested in JAC related news? Feel like you want to be more "in" the community? Well here is your chance, starting tomorrow (Friday, October 2, 2015) We will be, from now on be having community meetings where players on our teamspeak can get the most update information straight from JAC Staff. Meetings are every Friday at 8:30 EST after the JAC Staff meeting.
    Hope to see you all tomorrow!!!
    JAC Administrative Staff
    Teamspeak3: ts.jacgaming.com
    Wizard Academy has updated to its biggest update yet! It includes several mods such as magical crops, evilcraft, and abyssalcraft! The server has also updated so come play! Download the pack here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/wizard-academy.509607

    CD:C needs your help

    By Chicken, in Home,

    Hey JAC community as you all may know crafting dead has been struggling for a playerbase ever since the sponsored list went down on the multiplayer for this mod. whoooasarus and I have been trying hard to get us ranked up on different voting sites to help us get some of our previous fame and traffic back, so I ask you the JAC community to please vote for us on some of these sites. It would really help out and I know JAC has the numbers we need to get us to number 1 pretty quickly on those sites. Do your fellow community members a favor and help CD:C make it's comeback that we've been waiting for? 
    Much love,
    hey guys sorry about the update that has made it so most people cant run the pack a few big mods that was added have been removed so you should be able to run it now hope to see you on the server soon <3 if you still have issues running the pack let me know on here or our teamspeak ts.jacgaming.com

    Pixel + JAC

    By Hevy911, in Home,

    JAC Gaming is proud to announce our new server Pixelmon Plus
    This modpack consists of, as you can guess, Pixelmon. With it, a multitude of cosmetic mods to make your Pixelmon adventure a bit more appealing to the eye. Our staff team has been working tirelessly to make your gaming experience an enjoyable one. With awesome gyms, a shop that can answer your needs, and an amazing world for you to build and enjoy with your friends.
    We would like to thank the community for all the support you have provided to us and we hope you have a joy filled time on our brand new Pixelmon Plus server.
    -JAC Administrative Staff
    Modpack Download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ohgamings-pixelmon-plus.729429
    Donate to the Server: http://jacdonate.com/pixelplus
    Our Teamspeak: ts.jacgaming.com


    By Deathdroid65, in Home,

    Infamy will be opened back up to the public very soon! My goal is to have the server open to players within the next 48 hours, so I hope to see you all back on the server very shortly! We will be doing one more update to add in Ropes+ and fix any config issues before we open the server. Vaults will not be ready when the server opens, but we will work on setting them up as soon as we get the chance. EDIT: We are back online!
    The JAC buildteam has gone under some modifications, and has needed more members of the team to complete our new tasks. Please apply! If you, or someone you know knows how to build great, we would be glad to veiw what others can do! Having a teamspeak is a must! We don't want stragglers from other servers, we want someone who wont come and go alot. Please apply, much love Neon!

    On September 26th we will be holding a pvp event. This event is going to be a free for all pvp where the players bring their own gear. The prizes for the event will be announced the week of the event. You have exactly 1 month to start getting geared up. The more players we get for this event the better the prizes will be. If you would like to participate in this event you can download the pack at http://technicpack.net/modpack/project-supernova.675779 We hope to see you all there! If you have any questions feel free to ask by leaving a comment on this post.

    Donation Tranfers

    By Hevy911, in Home,

    After long discussions the Administrative staff have decided to remove the donation of transferring donation ranks from active servers. The reason this decision was made is; After seeing some players abuse this donation to constantly transfer ranks across servers to gain rewards. This to us is unfair to others, to only donate $10 for a $100 rank on another server. So after 8/26/15 the option to transfer ranks from active servers will be unavailable. You will only be able to transfer your rank from discontinued servers (Blastzone, Lapitos Galaticraft, etc..) to Active ones, nor can you use current donation money to transfer to a new server, you must donate an additional $10 to transfer.
    -Administrative Staff of JAC Gaming